Friday, October 5, 2012

Today, September 15, 14 hours Moscow time (. 13 hours Lithuanian time), spelling games the capital

Today, September 15, 14 hours Moscow time (. 13 hours Lithuanian time), spelling games the capital of Russia began a massive spelling games protest spelling games march - "Million March". Participants chanted "nepamiršim, pardon, shame RPC, forward, forward for the people", "freedom for political prisoners, freedom milijonam instead of millionaires," "Revolution" and so mobilize large police forces, the crowd watched from the air helicopter support.
Parades have seen different views of citizens: right, spelling games left, behind the Soviet Union in exchange Speakers nationalist, fascist and fascism Speakers, anarchists, homosexuals, the aristocracy of science and art. March stopped spelling games Sakharov Square, where a rally was held a concert.
The rally was to raise the requirements of the Russian government. Required current, doll Duma resignation and new elections are known, Putin withdrawal, release of political prisoners, freedom spelling games of strike, etc.
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Passed on February 4. Moscow protest against Putin in Moscow protest (AP) Russian authorities broke up opposition rallies in Moscow and St. Petersburg before spelling games V.Gergijevo concert in Kaunas spelling games - silent student protest
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