Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Unfortunately, we live in a time where every other word "crisis" at the time when most people are needing comfort and something that draws a smile on their face and not constant intimidation and black projections. Therefore, Bilbi and her team decided to invite these festive days before computer screens all those looking for musical solace, pleasant, warm and carefree holiday

spirit. Let us go together to Bilbi cloud and forget for 30 min on all minor and major concerns.
Bilby and Gregor will be in your living room with a guitar and voice connection to the Internet and to guide you in the Christmas Bilbi world! After the black keys piano will Tacal Muri, gray Chartreux Tokens will be served tea and biscuits. sims 3 downloads To 20 hours Monday night, 19.12., will Bilbi on its Facebook page (bilby

music), Twitter (@ bilbimusic) and at collect your favorite Christmas song and you sang the most beautiful among them as a gift. During wishes we received sims 3 downloads at the end of the concert draw the lucky winner Bilbi Christmas package.
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