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Of Mexican and Balkan Melos Glory beyond our borders was greeted by his latest product. If his sing

23rd December 2009 at 21:04 Ljubljana - Reuters
Magnifico aka Robert Pešut his first music group worked in good. Soloprvenec From heart to heart is served with hit 24,000 kisses under the influence

and help of his wife and sailed in with the song etnovode Green Jure. Socially critical chav album was a protest against mechquest intolerance and chauvinism.
In 1997 he recorded mechquest the music for the movie stereotype, which is also tested as a player. One of his biggest hits was the song Sylvia, mechquest presented by the selection for Eurovision Song Contest. During this time, he went on to a taboo of homosexuality. Magnifico is queer is echoed by radio stations and the club's speakers. At the Eurovision Magnifico returned in 2002 as an author and producer of songs I can only love, implemented by the notorious trio of sisters.
Of Mexican and Balkan Melos Glory beyond our borders was greeted by his latest product. If his singing could not describe the surplus can certainly boast the overall package. Magnifico knew what the audience, in recent years more and more favorable global rhythms reinforced with urban musical overtones. That album Export Import as a Grande finale is a mix of various musical genres, from pop, electro to Mexican and Balkan Melos, which has ruled the charts throughout Europe. His performance stood out in the crowd at last year's concerts Womex, the World's Fair etnoglasbene industry. mechquest In addition to musical performances sure the entire image "Balkan Boy".
In summer, mechquest the Magnifico sold out Križanke similar scenario can happen in the flower shop. Magnifico Ljubljana concerts is always something mechquest special. Domestic audience and the environment

obviously make your own. 24,000 kisses And once I die young Emanuelle Pastirci Giv mi mani Hir aj where aj HIR go
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