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About the Author: Dan Brown (Dan Brown) was born in 1964, is today the best-selling book of the mos

On Part II describes the to: the devout God believers - European Nuclear Research Organisation outstanding scientist Leonardo Vetra has devoted his life to scientific means to prove the existence of God. He and his adopted translate latin daughter, the mysterious charm scientists

维特多利亚 laboratory successfully produced an extremely powerful energy - "antimatter". This major discovery has not yet announced when Leonardo were killed in the laboratory, an Eye lured away by the murderer, his chest was printed a mysterious translate latin mark - "Illuminati"! translate latin Even more shocking, the antimatter hidden in the underground translate latin was missing. Semiotics expert Robert Langdon, Harvard University, translate latin the leader at the invitation of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, sent to investigate the mysterious symbols. On the day of his arrival, the disappearance of antimatter somewhere in Vatican City underground was found. Antimatter left the laboratory, in twenty-four hours after the explosion itself. This day is the Catholic Pope Election Day, Catholic leaders from around the world gathered

in the Vatican City, the antimatter hidden

in the underground is like a ticking time bomb, such as can not be found in time, the whole of the Vatican City will instantly ashes. The situation is urgent, the Langdon and 维特多利亚 embark adventure to the Vatican translate latin ......
About the Author: Dan Brown (Dan Brown) was born in 1964, is today the best-selling book of the most famous American writer. His works include still top of the table among the New York Times best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code", one of the book is also a history of the best-selling novel. A week in early 2004, Dan Brown's four novels appear in the New York Times bestseller standings. His novels have been translated into and published in 40 languages around the world. Dan Brown is a graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy after graduation to stay in the Phillips Exeter Academy teaching English. translate latin In 1996, interest in code-breaking and covert government organization prompted he wrote his first novel - "Digital translate latin Fortress", the book soon became a best-selling e-book first. The novel wrote NSB explore the boundaries between personal privacy and national security. translate latin Dan Brown in another novel after this "scam" continuation of politics, national security, and high-tech theme. Dan Brown's father was a well-known professor of mathematics, has won the presidential prize for mathematics, and his mother is a religious musician. Such a family environment, science and religion conflict, and later became a source translate latin of inspiration for his creation of "Angels translate latin & Demons". This suspense thriller with the theme of the relationship between science and religion both written to the European nuclear physics research center in Switzerland, translate latin and wrote to the Vatican, his popular translate latin actor, Harvard symbol expert Robert Landau Gordon, in his next novel will be coming out in Paris, London, Washington ...
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