Sunday, October 28, 2012

discussion on the article (latest posts) Finally! Glass of water for users in hell apple maps. Jm 9

Google today took another step towards making their maps and function StreetView wider range of users, including owners of devices running iOS. Streets are touring feature is also now available through the web browser without the user having to specialized applications.
Just in your browser to visit

and search your required location. In the lower right corner of the user interface is present then the icon known StreetView, which transports neet you to view the street. Additional information about the location of the site provides Google+

The Web browser are also available for navigation helpers who will guide you to the desired location, whether you're in the car, by bike or on foot. Most owners of these gadgets use iPhones and other devices running iOS 6 because Apple canceled the official support Google Maps for their devices. Here even just save the page to your desktop for easy and quick access.
discussion on the article (latest posts) Finally! Glass of water for users in hell apple maps. Jm 9th 10th 15:05 so you're not buying coolie price that you were in? you're an ass. aha 7th 10th 23:04 The best compensation for you tube I found are applications or Jasmine neet YouPlayer. Michal 5th 10th 18:04 I do not understand these idiots again, neet you admit that Apple will come out with some crap, it rather seems that Apple have nothing from you, or you would not write such nonsense. The maps are iOs6 dud is a dud and the Appstore. Michal 5th 10th 18:01 bothers me more is not the youtube application for tablets. Those of their compensation not always everything to play. And they certainly vic YT ENJOY people on the tablet than on the phone and the application is already. I'm talking about ios 6 users. zafik 5th 10th 14:40 So I'll write them to Apple, whether you count that do not want anything from them. They will certainly terribly disappointed ... A free advice: try to save up for a cheapest electronic products from Apple and then I think of writing neet such nonsense. 5th Earl 10th 14:25 That's what Apple inventing, discouraged me from their products. Trying to be the best, but throwing competition own foot. mazec 5th 10th 12:42 Even out clone of the original application, so it may not appear on the map or via Safari Marek 5th 10th 12:42
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