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Whereas Nokia Saudi official representative of Nokia World, and with the new policy and strategy of

Nokia 808 camera Biorfe adventure games under test! | Arabs jpg
It became clear how important a camera mobile phone and spread in addition to the emergence of many programs and websites adventure games that rely on them as their primary adventure games source of content adventure games as a Anstagram, in addition to providing a lot of social networking options post images directly, and even customize a lot of adjustment programs on the images copied dedicated to modify adventure games the phones . Camera phones facilitated documenting everyday events and high quality, and share them with friends and family and the world with one touch. So it made sense raced phone companies in developing and improving the quality of cameras for image and video.
Whereas Nokia Saudi official representative of Nokia World, and with the new policy and strategy of obtaining local experiences of specialists, adventure games contact Professor Abdullah Algdona, director of e-marketing, us and offered us the experience of the product and evaluate the performance of his camera stripper.
Indeed, adventure games he has received the phone, and we try it and test it, to amazed by the performance adventure games and results of several adventure games aspects of the magnification power, accuracy details, in addition to imagine

adventure games that the 41 megapixel adventure games in your mobile phone has become a reality, all this with technology "Biorfe"

To test and compare the Nokia camera 808 Biorfe, let us review the possibilities and advantages, and then test results will be displayed imaging quality, adventure games which was twofold: The first was to test the quality of photography (still images) and the second test Vedic imaging quality.
Most important thing in the camera photography and video: - maximum 38-megapixel resolution by 3:4 and size 5368X7728 pixels. - ACM or sensor S (CMOS) size 1.4 مايكروميتر per pixel. Size is 1/1.2 inch sensor equivalent, if we are writing in another way, 10.67X8.00 mm. - Auto ISO 80-1600. - Five operational modes to the weight of the color white (White Balance) (cloudy, incandescent, and sunny, adventure games and Vrusnt, automatic). - Exposure compensation + /-4EV in 0.3EV pause. - The concentration starts from 15 cm indefinitely. - The structure of the lens: 5 elements in one set of surfaces Osvirikih (semi-spherical). high-tech lens jurisdiction light Ptstat. a mechanical shutter with a candidate that de ND. - My video measuring 1080 (1080p) with a data flow speed up to 25 MB per second. - Stereo adventure games recording with Nokia Rich Recording - rated up to 140db - audio recording adventure games quality "stereo" with technology "registration Nokia rich" a frequency of up to 140 dB.
(Click on the image for a larger view)
(Click adventure games on the image for a larger view) still images in still photos, adventure games were unified adventure games style automatic option (Auto) as it is the most widely used among users, and to test the camera's ability to analyze and read the scene and selecting the appropriate settings. Been using 8 megapixel resolution in the Nokia 808 so as to be comparable to the same standards.
On our way to the night, and during the sunset, phones were subjected adventure games to warm colors and noticed the collapse of competition phone cameras to capture the scene in color realism. Worse cameras Samsung S-3 camera and HTC 1 X. A large dip, iPhone 4S يفضلهم quality in addition to that he gave brighter colors, but still not realistic. Nokia 808 was the best scene where picked colors closer to reality, in addition to maintaining its forms lights without

having excessive radiation for street lighting.
At night, we can say that the Nokia 808 camera excelled very clearly where competitors as well as retaining realistic color and contrast adventure games in the scene, it was little graininess in the picture too. Details on the scene was also clear.
Nokia 808 Biorfe have a camera so advanced in the filming of still images and video which is characterized by high accuracy in picking colors, with little adventure games graininess in low light, in addition

to distinguish the presence of different settings from manual control to stereotypes that serve photographer Advanced and the average user who wants a camera can read scene and selecting the appropriate settings automatically. Reduce some camera adventure games features such as HDR and Panorama feature, which I think they are well update the camera driver. Personally prefer being able to control the speed of the shutter, which lacks the camera. With heavy phone compared with others, but the structure is excellent, and give a sense of the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.
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