Monday, October 22, 2012

And so today (still) more than Anikini r

On Christmas night in the execution of Pop Design, On Christmas night, performed Christmas zborčka ... This is for many, when they speak about Slovenian steve jobs death Christmas songs list ends.
Christmas spirit is in the song actually sneaks local artists each year. Again, this was no exception. To radio stations and online steve jobs death portals were among the winners came Christmas of this year's Slovenian tunes Anika Horvat (special day), and author of many romance and love songs for the heart and soul Andraž Hribar (Christmas). With them, we talked about the transience of today uglasbenih Christmas greetings.
"Music is not as respected as it was before. Working today such tracks people who are not singers, but everything else," said Primorka, who for six years in a row on Christmas Eve singing in the church. And what her Christmas presents? "A very nice holiday you want to spend with those close to me." When he adds that this is the time when everyone is at least "made nice".
For all takes time song special day is Anikinih words created more for fun. "Sometimes it's luck, never rules. Sometimes I think I made a hit, but it turns out that is not the case," is about creating new songs speak singer. "My glory will surpass songs of Pop Design. No, not a joke ... It is true that song, so Vrástama in the nation steve jobs death as the Christmas night, it takes time," said Andraž,

whom Christmas means primarily " pleasant family feast. "
And so today (still) more than Anikini r'n'b rhythms and Andraž's "funky-gospel" echoes the song in its original form was not written as a holiday. The song is hosted in the nineties with the Christmas choir slovenskmi known singers and musicians. "They're a team that has been working with Matjaz Zupan. Pity that there is no more such projects," she said Anika.
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