Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The photo above is from the Grand Central Apple Store sold commemorative T-shirt tetris game I

On December tetris game 9, 2011 in New York Grand Central, Apple's new retail store is open to the train station. Grand Central tetris

game Terminal hubs such as New York's subway and train stations, meet ... I understand that also originated history tetris game too deep ... Was pretty impressive when you travel to New York in 2008, the ceiling, like a constellation pattern tetris game depicted in ^ ^ you please upload here if you go to the ceiling. Apple Retail Store ^ ^, but in a place like this, how weird is happening.

Did not have New York's Grand Central Station landmark is ... This originates deep in the center of the Apple Store perched .. In fact, until we have a well imagine do not want to live in New York (^ ^) ^ ^ looking pictures says space is completely open. ^ ^
Web site, figured ... 24 hours do not seem to operating ... 9pm after the end of the sales from the entrance does someone new while keeping tetris game the night? How management is true, I'm wondering whether ^ ^ As a side note, Apple, whenever I open a new store that will prepare a commemorative t-shirt. Too many Apple fans, there are many people who collected these t-shirts, I'd like a parody shirt officially from Apple to sell T-shirts, but this also means there is some gathering. ^ ^
The photo above is from the Grand Central Apple Store sold commemorative T-shirt tetris game I'm called. Does the Central Station Retro goes well with the atmosphere has a reputation among collectors try. According to the Wall Street Journal, these T-shirts quoting the General, for employees who work at the Apple Store T-shirt sales,

but never sold, nor lend strictly managed to prevent wear and that's ^ ^ genius who works at the Apple Store (staff) secretly tetris game wearing a T-shirt worn by Town management is thorough enough uniforms for wearing fake police tetris game uniforms 'cheater' write. ^ ^ This was introduced tetris game in the domestic media ... Well, in our country do not have any official tetris game Apple Store. Korea ㅋ ㅋ Why Apple does not stand the Official Store? Clearly know the reason? Apple Korea representative who is not confused? ^ ^ Note Post: Got an interesting fact that one kind of the Wall Street Journal, Apple's Hottest New Product Can Be Thrown tetris game in the Wash [info] iPhone and iPad that works with iOS devices using http://www.apple.com/ Try to browse the store photos connected to the retail / grandcentral 360 Panora the last photo so that you can enjoy the It's mikbyu ^ ^ ^ ^ those who use the iPhone once Grand Central Apple Store visit.
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