Sunday, October 21, 2012

At the central communal event, I was the mayor

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At the central communal event, I was the mayor's speech at excessive depth in the subconscious accidentally snuck vzsiljiv concern. Concern gmaps not to call for a reply, gmaps but the answer itself. Is it true that before tomorrow's last consultation committee to build a new school on Lavrica already selected investor? To return to the Mayors speech to the moment when the very introduction gmaps also welcomed all present, and the fact that he forgot to greet headmaster gmaps primary school and kindergarten in the municipality, the more excited it did with the director Marles. You did not forget to tell those present that he was the Director also oblige all his birds, just forget gmaps to mention that this is just his job, which is probably gmaps well-paid. Nothing unusual, if I had not been hurt Director fault, such slavospeva already received when opening kindergarten.
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