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PPF Czech billionaire Petr Kellner bought several new registration marks. Among them is brand Air M

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PPF Czech billionaire Petr Kellner bought several new registration marks. Among them is brand Air Mobile, which in turn brings a bit of the Group plans to set up a new operator. CTO PFF participation in the auction for the vacant frequencies already licensed, the event will take place before the end of the year. PPF with a three operators, which also entered into the auction, it will have to fight hard to seduce. Money definitely has it, or it is only whether the bidding hits the specified limit, for which it can not. I will not prejudge the outcome of the auction, but in any case not in the interest or let one operator to enter a new market to our competitors. PPF entry into telecommunications with existing hegemon certainly will defend tooth and nail. See you in December.
Adventures of Austrian Felix Baumgartner, who had taken to the stratosphere balloon

and then continued jumped toward the Earth's surface, it was the most watched YouTube online transmission at all. The two-hour broadcast at peak followed up to eight million users. Compile the most interesting moments in the video can be found in Article Luke Václavík.
Amazon tintuconline cut further development desetipalcových reader Kindle DX. Model DX was popular especially in education and business sector, unlike the smaller models proved no problem display PDF documents in A4 format in a readable form. On other models otherwise lost, equipment and ultimately cost, which we reached at almost ten thousand. No other big reader Amazon tintuconline is not planning, tintuconline customers will be directed straight ten-sk tabletted Fire.
Office for the Protection of Competition imposed a local branch of Telefonica O2 devadesátimilionovou fine for abuse of a dominant market position in the years 2001-2002, tintuconline and it was in the time of Cesky Telecom. At that time, the company contracts with businessmen hooked solid performance and non-use of the voice services of other operators (and the inability to terminate the contract earlier). Telefonica was fine originally levied in the amount of 81.7 million, but increased by the Office on 93000000, as Telefonica said the wrong turnover for 2002.
Google sent invitations tintuconline to journalists. 29th October, ie a week on Monday, introduces a new Android 4.2 to the world. As for news, the system should have two rails for quick setup, a new application for GMail and innovation we will see and shop Google Play. The company apparently also present a reference phone (and possibly tablets) Nexus. tintuconline There is talk that he might produce LG or Sony. Six days earlier, now on Tuesday 23 October, has its action and Apple. Even if you still do not want to admit it, apparently introduce seven-inch version of the iPad, and maybe some new iTunes will change its hardware and some products.
Nokia still heading down. Even in the third čtvrtlení with too much has changed, although true, the company reduced compared to previous kvartálům loss. The drop is not worth miraculous sales of smartphones, but changes in other divisions. See you after Christmas, when we will know the results for the last quarter. If the situation has not improved, maybe Nokia would be better off if completely stopped selling smartphones.
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