Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Google again tuned the look of YouTube. We have exclusive screenshots |
25.10.2012 Václavík Luke (2) the text size: AAA
It's exactly two weeks when we brought you images of the new design YouTube. Google looks to possibly worked again, possibly in parallel created cars 2 games several cars 2 games different forms and is tested on different cars 2 games users.

Today, in any case, and lucky for me and a new look YouTube I could try.
It is very similar to the former. The main change is to remove again the top black bar. Google has also simplified the left side panel. Removed icon user notification of new videos cars 2 games in the monitored channels is no longer in the frame and lost the mezinadpisy acitivity and Manage. A active tab is no longer gray, but red, subjectively it looks better.
Google had to cancel his news conference Monday, the 28th hurricane plans foiled 10th 2012 Comments (0)
Still it would be good to mention the conditions of use of the new look. Nice fuck in the * user back in style "and adjusts or you're unlucky, you lose your data" ... To write comments log in or register.
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