Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Was just a little inspired a thread - has today been down and buy books into my stand-holiday which starts in a week. And then I think, what books have / must take along on vacation, and what type of vacation was / is involved? I came home with: Terry Pratchett - Unseen academicials Charlaine Harris - Dead as a doornail Kathy Reichs - 206 Bones And gotta be away for a whole week - I think will add a little from the bookcase also: Harry Harrison - The stainless steel steering wheel Frederico Andahaizi le petit journal - The bamhjertige sisters and considering maybe one - but there must of course also be room for clothes in the suitcase.
Originally posted by psycho-ella
Nope, it is not the purpose of the holiday. Okay ... I reread like books when I'm on vacation. Eg. I have this summer (on Mallorca and on Anholt) read Twilight. And before I read the series about Earth's children. On the plane I choose to have 2 books - if I am "satisfied" by the one, I read some of the other (something chick patched, usually).
I had Breathe by Stig Severinsen Åvall and Sibyl daughter of Saga Castle with when we were in Corfu last week. Got only read a little bit, since I can only concentrate on it when I sit alone
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