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I have read Coq Rouge by Jan Guillou. I have not previously read anything either in the series or o

What have you read the challenge here in January? You can write on this blog via the comment box. Do not have a blog, you can comment anonymously, but remember to write your name in the comment so we can see who you are. Based on your comments and messages are returned, we will update the counters next to each of you. You can also send an email to with feedback on the month's reading. Regardless of how you report back, we want to hear from you no later than 5 February, after which we will update your counter. Tomorrow we write a post inspired to challenge in February.
I have read "The ABC murders" by Agatha Christie .. Not the best book I've read, but also felt that there was a lot of background I did not know about the main character and Hercule Poirot. But the detective story is well :) Reply Delete need for speed the run
I try again ... I threw myself over the Nesbøs The first book in the Harry Hole series. Rikke, Sjöwall and Wahlöö - only it was me who had them for good. Looking forward to see what you think about it. Reply Delete
I have read Cornell Woolrich's "The bride wore a black" from 1940 and published in Danish in 1959. Good old-fashioned pulp! You can read my review of the book: Reply Delete
I've got monthly theme and peered at the book club books ... ups next month I am full with (and I've read several books in January) kh Lone.g Reply Delete
Unfortunately I did not really time to read any books in January - I got lost a bit of homework. But I'm need for speed the run with the February and has already found a book :) blogger and wordpress works just not together at the moment, but it's me from need for speed the run Reply Delete
I have in January accepted the challenge and in this context read; Edgar Allan Poe; Mysterious stories, Pascal Mercier; Perlmanns concealment, Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient need for speed the run Express & Boris Akunin (the pseudonym of Grigory Tjakhartisjvili); Letvithan. Looking forward to throw me over a couple of Danish short stories from the bookcase ... =) Reply Delete
I have read Coq Rouge by Jan Guillou. I have not previously read anything either in the series or other books by him, but it should certainly changed. And because I was in a good reading need for speed the run period, I actually read the Russian singer of Leif Davidsen. Reply Delete
I read "The Big Sleep" (The Long Sleep) by Raymond Chandler (1939); course in the original need for speed the run language. Do not recall having read anything by R. Chandler before, but is pleasantly surprised - it is written very differently than the books I usually read and has so many descriptions of surroundings, people, Phillip

Marlowe's observatoner. Normally I'm not a big fan of so long passages with adjectives on supplementary, but "The Big Sleep" is written in a way that only books could be written 70 years ago. It has a certain exalted class, you can not help but to love .. - Lark Reply Delete
I have read Kathy Reichs Deja Dead and a one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Baskerville need for speed the run dog. The last was by far the best meeen I must conclude that I will never be the big mystery need for speed the run reader need for speed the run :) Reply Delete
I have read 4:50 of Paddington, need for speed the run another one of Agatha Christie's many books. Have not made a review as such, which is conscious, but I have scribbled a post together, inspired by the thoughts I've had after having reread the book. Reply Delete
I have read "The case of Lisa Kjeldsen" by Torben Nielsen from 1976. Funny language translations, and fun to also then be able to solve the murder without Internet or mobile phone :) Have also read the first three Hamilton-books by Jan Guillou. Reply Delete
I read Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie. I would really rather have read one of Poirot books, because this certainly was not the best Miss Marple (right magazine-like), but it was the only "classic" need for speed the run crime they had at the local library. -Kristine Reply Delete
I have read: Com honor and silence of Håkan Nesser's 1998 It's a book in the series about Van Vetern. It's not a femikrimi, so drink a lot of beer, and the EU Commissioner dream of something like retirement. Håkan Nesser do the same as Kerstin Ekman. He throws a lot of names out at the beginning, need for speed the run and it's so exciting or difficult to see if he comes ashore with the people tilsidst.Jeg'm glad that I read the book. Hanne Dalsgaard Reply Delete
4 women, 1 book club - a great love for books and a lot of opinions about books. need for speed the run In "Book club believes" we will share our passion for books with you. We will talk about the books we've read, tell of events around books and literature and start discussions about books. Welcome need for speed the run to!
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