Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jan Svärd Hagen I work on school improvement issues and especially with IT-related ones. I

Google maps has changed our view of the world, when I go in a few weeks to the U.S., I have already pre-made out exactly where to stay and how I most easily takes me from point A to B. That you can now also via Google street view feature english spanish translator can now also visit different areas of the water is amazing, see movie below. Follow your world through Google, but I have often wondered

how often Google maps updated and now there is a service that allows you to get to know this and also know how often a particular english spanish translator area or site is updated. Google has launched the service english spanish translator Follow Your World so that I can choose any location in the world via Google maps and then get an email every time this particular english spanish translator site is updated either in Google maps or Google Earth. This is intriguing, given that one can get a picture of how current information is actually available on the web and if you also add some markers english spanish translator over parts of the world that are "hot" for various reasons, so I can probably have a lot to discuss. Or why not let each pupil in a class by selecting a particular area which you then must report when an update has occurred. We have global kids nowadays ... challenge them to follow his world.
Jan Svärd Hagen I work on school improvement issues and especially with IT-related ones. I'm responsible for something called NGL school english spanish translator center at Dalarna University english spanish translator aimed at developing, analyzing and researching what happens when computers and other devices from entering the school. View my complete profile
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