Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Not satisfied with Apple Maps in iOS 6? Tom Aafloen blogs about IT
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Apple has replaced Google Maps on their own maps in the new iOS 6 and many users, including me, are not entirely happy with this. The maps do not have a lot of information and sometimes completely false. Some cities are completely lacking.
Looking back Google Maps functionality on your iPhone already, albeit a bit limited? Do this: Surf to on your iPhone: Click the Share icon (center bottom): Select Add to Home Screen: Enter a name and click Add: Now create a shortcut to the web app Google Maps on your home screen, you can launch 18 wheels of steel it like any other apps:
That said, the web app is a bit limited compared to the old Google Maps app and not very fast, but it actually works quite ok. One can find its position with GPS and directions are available. Street View is such a function that does not exist.
September 21, 2012 at. 13:53
If I was manager at Apple, I would not dare to show me out. Sure, Google maps was as miserable 5 years ago, but a lot has happened. Now if Apple thinks their product is so much better quality compared to Google, 18 wheels of steel fine. But then it should show up in the product. Now they are light years behind. But the money they have. In abundance. Just open your wallet and buy maps from each. land surveying, such as Google did.
If you are willing to pay a penny to have Navigon also recently received support for Street View in their apps:
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