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Robert Langdon on this unprepared to be dragged into an amazing mystery. Strictly abide by their co

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Midnight, the elderly curator of the Louvre Museum was killed on the parquet floor in the large gallery. In the last moments of life, the curator stripped of clothes, boys names unmistakably placed with their bodies become da Vinci paintings the "Werther rubi people like, also next to the body left an elusive password. Symbol expert Robert Langdon and cryptographer the geniuses Sophie Neveu, found that even a series of clues hidden in da Vinci's works of art which, in the process of sort of a bunch of weird password!
Langdon suddenly realized that, the curator in fact is a member of the Priory of Sion will - this is a secret organization founded in 1099, whose members include many great men in the history of the West, such as: Newton, Botticelli, Vic multi-Hugo, and Da Vinci! boys names Langdon suspects they are looking for a ground-breaking historical secret, one not only enlightening but also extremely dangerous secret.
This major discovery has not yet announced when Leonardo were killed in the laboratory, an Eye lured away by the murderer, his chest was printed a mysterious mark - "Illuminati"! Even more shocking, the antimatter hidden in the underground boys names was missing. Semiotics expert Robert Langdon, Harvard University is the leader at the invitation of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, sent to investigate the mysterious symbols. boys names On the day of his arrival, the disappearance of antimatter somewhere in Vatican

City underground was found. Antimatter boys names left the laboratory, in twenty-four hours after the explosion itself. This day is the Catholic papal election day. Catholic

leaders from around the world gathered in the Vatican City, the antimatter hidden underground like a time bomb, if they can not be found in time, the entire Vatican City will be in an instant ashes.
U.S. presidential election boys names approaching, the Republican presidential candidate, Senator Sedgwick? Sikeston lashed the incumbent President aerospace policy, the support of a majority of American voters, the situation is extremely detrimental to the re-election of the incumbent President. At this critical moment, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to report to the President on an amazing scientific results: a major discovery in the Arctic Ocean under ... the U.S. aerospace policy and the impending presidential election is of great significance.
The world's most secretive intelligence agencies - the National Security Agency (NSA), spending huge sums to build a machine that can crack all password boys names - universal decryption machine. Supercomputer NSA foiled numerous terrorist plots, boys names but the computer can be intercepted email of ordinary people. The world has no privacy and confidentiality at all! 8P m-E7 ^ (sz Z u11134
The former NSA program designers far Prudential Friends plus launched

a tit-for-tat "Digital Fortress", he claimed that this is unbreakable password encryption software, and in order to blackmail the NSA, they announced to the world the existence of universal boys names decryption machine. Unexpectedly, be honest with Friends plus accidental death in Spain the ring engraved password mysterious disappearance. F u # V (K6B o11134
Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon unexpectedly invited to do a lecture in the evening boys names to the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Langdon arrived a few minutes, happened incredible boys names change. boys names Capitol, a staff, three fingers into a fist-shaped, straight thumb and index finger directly at the vault of heaven with a special symbolic significance, each finger has a strange tattoo. Langdon recognized under the ring which his beloved mentor, Peter Solomon - a well-known boys names member boys names of the Masonic and philanthropist hand, also identify this gesture on tattoos together is said to invite a ancient symbol, intended to be the invitees the introduction of a long-lost world of mysterious wisdom. Langdon realized Peter Solomon has been brutally kidnapped, he rescued For instructors, we must accept this mystical invitation.
Robert Langdon on this unprepared to be dragged into an amazing mystery. Strictly abide by their commitment, or first rescue stake friend? Is in line with the the CIA known investigations involving national security, or assist the Masonic complete the important boys names mission in relation to human well-being? Langdon repeatedly caught in the dilemma of choosing. But time is pressing, he had to be analytic, a step-by-step to unlock the biggest boys names secret of the human civilization ...
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