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Then it was finally time for a blog post again. The last time was SO stressful. I have started something new, to translate website from English to Danish, and it has a lot of work in recent battlefield 3 beta download times. Now, it fortunately seems to be a little calmer again. :-) Not only it has Basse The man was sick. Someone virus is apparently in circulation and infect battlefield 3 beta download all in its path. He has been pjevset and very tired of it all, there's no doubt. And now he also started to have nightmares, poor child. So the last few nights have been a little hard when he came into my bed around noon. 4, and not just have been prepared having to lie still throughout. So just over 5 I put him into his own bed again, and then he slept for Father Ulrik has awakened him in the morning when they have had in the nursery. Feel like the most miserable mother, who has not even had a chance to drive my son in kindergarten, but I've been on from time. 9, so it will require us to leave while he runs with Ulrik now. Otherwise there is a time in a lot of activities battlefield 3 beta download here. I bought battlefield 3 beta download a new pair bøget (or probably actually more than a few, but who's counting). There is virtually every genre from crime (the new Anna Grue - Judas Kiss, div. Kathy Reichs on Temperece battlefield 3 beta download - had come very backward) to novels (The Kite Runner battlefield 3 beta download has come in my collection now), to literature to study (a whopping math and a little less math), to more krimiere (then there is Patricia Cornwell as I was late in my collection, and a new writer I do not have first heard of but bogdamen said was good - and now I can Of course not remember her name), and even more (I've also got my first Jan Guillou-book in the Hamilton series + some Jo Nesbø - so now I'm totally with that) and then just a couple of novels (eg, Friday night knitting Club - which I had to buy in English, because it comes first in Danish to February

next year - how could I not wait! And Susan Moody, I have also tried me), something authentic (among others Blekingegadebanden 1 and 2 and a book about Jack the Ripper) and finally something about children and education - or whatever you may call it (one Sigrid Rise-book about what kids can approx. when and Jesper Juhl "Your

competent child." So there is plenty to go ahead with the dark autumn and winter days, approaching a little faster than I care to think about! knitting I've known also abundant, I can start. Is by knitting a patterned blouse Ulrik. It includes a total of 6 colors, so I'm VERY curious as to whether I go cold on it at a time, or whether it continues to be just as fun as I think it's right now :-) For the experienced knitters with literature "in order" it is a recipe from "Creative Work" - on page 22, for almost the colors shown. battlefield 3 beta download Then there is just my Hanne Falkenberg blouse (Diva), which I unfortunately battlefield 3 beta download stalled in, so I must get hold of one of the experienced knitting girls next time we meet, so I can get on with it too. Then there is of course the sweater I started for my younger brother, as I almost finished, but now teases a lot - it, I knew also have a helping hand! And otherwise there are all the other bags lying around with their recipe / pattern and yarn ready to just get started. But it must be when the time is. However, I have a goal - I must have knitted at least 2 blouses for Bertram before Christmas! So it is also just starting up. And as if that's not enough I have knitting lying, I have also sewing

kit to a teddy bear and a gift Advent calendar I should battlefield 3 beta download have booted battlefield 3 beta download up. Gift Advent calendar must actually be completed by 1 December for otherwise there are no gifts this year. It's probably true even for highly synergistic battlefield 3 beta download to start thinking about small gifts for Bertrams gift Advent calendar .... so it must be known also just signed on To-do-list of things to boot! Well ... as you can see I have plenty to look for ... and if not it

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