Monday, October 29, 2012

标签 文化 分类 Mars五花八门

唯一健在的百岁红军女战士 组图
标签 文化 分类 Mars五花八门
  Dan Brown ( Dan Brown ) Was born in 1964 , A best-selling book is the most famous American writers. He still works include "The New York Times" bestseller list ranked the top "Da Vinci Code", this book is also one of history's best-selling novel. 2004 A week of the year, Dan Brown's four novels appear typing practice on the "New York Times" bestseller list. His novels have been translated into 40 Published in various languages around the world. Dan Brown graduated from Philips Exeter Academy and Amherst College, graduated in Philips Exeter Academy English professor. 1996 , The code-breaking and secret government organizations interested in promoting his creation of his first novel-Digital Fortress ", the book quickly became a best-seller effective in the United States ranked first. Novels written by the National Security Bureau, the line between personal privacy and national security in the paper. Dan Brown in this novel after another successor to the "trap" of politics, national security and high-tech theme. Dan Brown's father was a well-known professor of mathematics, was awarded the presidential award for mathematics, and her mother is a religious musician. Such a conflict between science and religion typing practice in the family environment, he later became the inspiration for his work "Angels typing practice & Demons" by the source. It has science and religion theme of the relationship between the horror thriller written both novels, Switzerland, a European nuclear research center, wrote the Vatican, typing practice his welcome Actor, the Harvard symbol expert Robert Langdon, in the latter part of the novel will appear in Paris, London and Washington

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