Sunday, October 21, 2012

by Editor

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After a year break, I decided to stop by again on your blog. There are many reasons. During this time, many things have changed and this is definitely the best way to find out about what the wider interested public. Many "local officials" their website immediately after the election closed, and I have my web application, pokemon game so both a blog and facebook and twitter pages preserved. For me, not only pre-election tool, but a term sheet and operating in the municipality throughout my period. pokemon game I'm not ashamed of errors but are addressed to them and as well as opposition councilor warns. And this warning will be given the current situation, a lot.
Many of you are interested in details about the mayor's decision to dismiss me from the position pokemon game of deputy mayor. pokemon game Resolve itself actually is not as important as the reasons for it. I am at the mayor's move only felt relief because pokemon game I can not cooperate and work with someone who classifies people only into two groups: the assets and enemies. The reasons will be subject to the new post of writing this blog.
by Editor

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