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Lanai child abuse, how to become a cause trouble? baby names for girls
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Publisher: humans think tank addition, from Congress to the White House, the Washington Monument square steeple stone pillars, etc., are visible in the shadow of the Masonic.
There are more and more execution tasks, have already penetrated into our lives, and continued to spread ...
? Implementation of centralized political rule;

China's most controversial and legendary intellectuals. 1949 Born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Had experienced the hard life of migrant workers, and subsequently, although self-admitted to a university in Heilongjiang to drop out, but because the disdain of a diploma. From 1980 to 1990, served baby names for girls as an assistant researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Research Associate and researcher. Shall thereafter Deng Xiaoping invited again exceptional to enter the National Committee of the Chinese baby names for girls People's Political Consultative Conference, for three consecutive years as a full-time member. (Note: There are incorrect. baby names for girls Any new practical of 7,8,9,11 session - four consecutive session baby names for girls of the CPPCC National Committee members)
Legend, the total is given the mystique; However, mysterious legends, will eventually be decrypted. The spread the centuries of Masonic <Freemasons>, it Rectangular and compasses, "a combination of symbols, regardless of the outline of the so-called truth and Road look back country with a strong

human history, baby names for girls military, economic, political , there is always the ability to plan their imaginary world map. After all, the law of the jungle is not only the rules of survival in the animal world, human society if. Just the law of the jungle rules of survival, in addition to the countertop national power rivalry, such as the author says, there is dominated by a mysterious organization circulated for centuries under the table? Before answering questions, let us another angle to think: small business management, ranging baby names for girls from national baby names for girls development needs leadership elite strategy prevails 谩 Terrier shortage flexor N "forces to control the world" and his ilk The idea, it seems that it is not surprising.

baby names for girls Global population, growth rate of 80 million people each year. Unchanged maintain this trend, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that, to the next century, ie years, the world population is expected to will exceed ten billion people, the problems in the world for human allocation drinking water, fresh water is not more than, at present, there are billions of people lack access to clean drinking water to 24 million people living in the environment of the lack of facilities, causing of water-borne disease caused five million deaths baby names for girls a year, fear the lack of such a resource allocation pie case, the the human subsistence supply and demand stretched the pressure is ever increasing.
Therefore, the stability of the global population control for many years in countries

around the world is highly concerned about the issues, but in addition to the planned population control of mainland China, the "one-child" policy to reduce fertility, reduce the impact of the population explosion pressure In addition, the remaining countries no active population suppression measures, multi-Lai people of all countries, especially in advanced countries people own birth control. However, under the diversified development of recent years, with the progress of science, the advancement of medicine, food, broke out in many security issues, baby names for girls as part of the event and even lead to an increase of the number of deaths baby names for girls caused by the crisis a threat to human survival, these phenomena behind human population control "and other similar challenges overcast final Billiton thigh has been rampant, baby names for girls and never stopped.
Virus, baby names for girls vaccines, genetically modified population eradication keywords baby names for girls in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Baidu looking on the network, you can find thousands of pen-related information and data, can be described as voluminous But based on the printing of the aforementioned

topics study these books or literature, but only a handful of the book "1995 San Francisco elites Conference: elimination of" inferior race "and other general publications difference is that this book systematically organized list population control plan and genetically modified food, the events between the vaccine and the virus and the relevance of a puzzle, can also be seen through the book memo Appendix has long been some rumors for the behind-the-scenes whether there is an invisible manipulator manipulated perform wipe out the Earth's population plan to further control corroboration called great dissect the real truth and independent baby names for girls thinking.
Book of any new, although we did not finish college, but he had long served as China's most authoritative institution - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher working grassroots staff background, actually also senior leaders of Communist China is heavily dependent on the reference details think-tank, his experience and qualifications in China called a legend; his thoughts and research baby names for girls more widely involved in various areas of history, politics, economy, international situation, society, culture and the arts, centered The books explore the scientific point of view and ideas highlight of the agitation, backed by solid research background

and theoretical basis for. Especially when the leadership elite of other countries of the world, the mainstream baby names for girls media have with any new contact as a rare opportunity baby names for girls to communicate and began to explore the idea of ​​the author's book, as good as a stepping stone to understand thinker.
A long time, the reasons behind the human fatal diseases such as AIDS, SARS, more or less hold a mere suspect. For example, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, the world each year about fifty million

baby names for girls dengue cases occur, and there is a rising trend, the British research team had male mosquitoes genetically modified, so that the offspring of male mosquitoes died in the pupal stage before the adult, and thus control of diseases such as cholera and dengue baby names for girls fever as the medium of these mosquitoes; However, since the research team GM male mosquitoes were released into the wild in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean British experimental, the some mosquito contrary, can not be recycled, local islands and reefs in the Florida group found decades the same year the first dengue cases, like this case, what is mankind down the cause and effect? ​​Or is one of them as a deliberate action, by experiment name, line eradication the population real? reading this book you can find a lot of clear logical argument.
In fact, feel overcast final Che bile rock burn Cheng porphyrin Yin H beyond the average person, as well as Venezuelan President baby names for girls Hugo Chavez (Hugo Cha'vez) figure, because they suffered from pelvic malignancy, has been healing well, start , including the suspected leaders of Central and South American countries, including he and former President of Brazil Lula (Luiz lnacio Lula da Silva), the incumbent president, Miss Luo Saifu (Dilma Rousseff) have cancer, are engaged in is not because the United States has secretly developed baby names for girls a carcinogenic Technology ghost? United States are suspected to have since the mid-1940s in Guatemala, Central America, and the United States that have been guilty of the use of nearly 6,000 local living baby names for girls inhuman STD experiment, people were killed and infectious baby names for girls diseases baby names for girls misdemeanors criminal record, just as the Japanese had occupied northeast China during command 731 cruel human bacterial experiments, the sequelae of terror has remained deeply affect humans.
In recent years, human increasing emphasis on food safety, food additives alone human self-invention, and is said to had more than 14 times in less than half a century, well-known fast-food industry have discovered Europe baby names for girls and the United States, the British chef Oliver (Jamie Oliver

) with respect, "the next generation of children, I am afraid, less than the previous generation's parents live ten years!" These words may sound like an alarmist, but carefully read the book and then get to the bottom, genetically modified corn, rice , soybeans and other food, or the edible base to turn over the beef cattle, pigs, chickens, and other food "monster", whether from the avian flu, mad cow disease, melamine baby names for girls storm plasticizer storm of mankind is a blessing or a curse? swine flu to contain thin the meat fine American beef event, a series of food safety issues Acres concern.
Compare European and American writings rarely seen as the author of the book for the non-traditional field of national security studies and reasoning of incisive, this combined with the evolution of science and technology R & D and the situation in anticipation hole candle past profusion of problems with possible future development, it is as contemporary thinkers must have the elements of a pioneer. The author is not afraid baby names for girls to highlight the different ideologies of the mainstream media reported the truth of the incident baby names for girls with the wording on the bright baby names for girls behind dark level, indeed a major focus for the book, and marks the passage of the front end of the continuous evolution of human consciousness, human population increase, resource supply and demand, and the issue of the survival of Earth, the deep and front catalytic ponder the significance.
Population explosion with food crisis, has been a hot topic of discussion in the world. Estimated in accordance with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), to this day, October 31, 2011 the world's population has reached 70 million mark; same year, a severe famine in Africa, and in some areas almost every 10,000 people, there are 6 people starve to death. Many scholars and experts have proposed solutions to solve these problems, but in this seemingly legitimate slogan

under the authors propose another way of thinking perspectives that modern society, in fact there is a huge organization baby names for girls (of Franciscan) behind baby names for girls the manipulation, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of their control population. In the rigid mainstream thought under the influence, the book provides a precipitate think humanities platform.
Earth's resources are fixed, but the population is endless increase has been enjoying the rich resources

of the group of people, because of vested interests of monopoly exclusive, of course, be afraid of the resources are quickly consumed. Just think, 10 billion people in the future just around the corner, the same earth can load how long? Mysterious Stonehenge was established in 1980 in Georgia, USA, a paragraph of text engraved in eight languages, indicating you want to control the population of less than 500 million; 1990 exposure of the U.S. National Security Research Memorandum No. 200 (The NSSM-200), is in secret by the U.S. National Security Council promulgated let the donor countries "either sterilization or starve"; 1995, by the Gorbachev Foundation. General Assembly convened the situation baby names for girls in the world forum, the participants, including Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Ted - Turner all leaders. Conclusion of the meeting turned out to common on Earth, baby names for girls 80 percent of the population are redundant. In Taiwan, the most familiar is the Malthusian population theory, advocated "population growth will be far greater than the increase of the grain, the fundamental

approach is that birth control" baby names for girls in this book, the authors baby names for girls also pointed out that the Reverend Malthus Masonic secret Member.
Rely solely on natural birth control, baby names for girls of course, unable to curb the increasing rise in the birth rate, and this time, the respected human high technology, of course, became the protagonist of the play another pivotal. baby names for girls Wangari Maathai, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, that the AIDS virus is manufactured certain people, in order to eliminate the others; 2010 - Bill Gates at the TED conference speech

that the vaccine can help reduce the 10% to 15% the world's population; same year, Russian scientists have proved that genetically modified foods are harmful to mammals. In general, regardless baby names for girls of the virus, vaccines or genetically modified food, we are relevance, also the author of the book, in particular to explore, we should as soon as possible to face these problems exist.
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