Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tariff Navigation and e-mail per month costs 75 CZK (it is 19 CZK per week for předplacenkáře) has

O2 extends from November its offer data plan with two other news. After earlier spelling check performances specialized tariff on Facebook now comes with tariffs, through

which you can only work with e-mails or navigate through web maps.
A pair of scales carries logical designation E-mail and navigation, and e-mail. The first of these is 50 CZK per month (13 CZK for users of prepaid cards) and contains 150 megabytes per month FUP (37.5 MB / week). Allows you access to the e-mail

client via POP / IMAP / SMTP and MS Exchange, but also through the web interface, spelling check; and It can download and view attachments.
Tariff Navigation and e-mail per month costs 75 CZK (it is 19 CZK per week for předplacenkáře) has the same FUP (150 MB, 37.5 MB / week). In addition to access to the same e-mail services adds even application and a web interface Google Maps and On devices spelling check with the Android operating system also allows for more weather updates.
To recap, tariff Facebook is also worth CZK 75 also includes a data limit of 150 megabytes Used solely for viewing social network Facebook. After exhausting FUP is for all tariffs to reduce speed. Tariff Facebook, you can activate now, two news will be available from November infoline, in stores, on the internet or by SMS. Just send the word EMA if you fancy fare E-mail or NAVI, if you prefer to pay extra fare for Navigation and e-mail, to 999 111
The fares are about two thirds (E-mail) or half (Facebook, Navigation and e-mail) cheaper than the lowest universal tariff (Mobile Internet + S - 150 CZK, 150 MB). For this discount their users to some extent restrict, let's just use a pre-determined service.
On the one hand, I'm not excited about the fact that more and more are added tariffs. Offer is becoming increasingly complex, intensive field who does not, and can not orient in it and must rely on the advice of vendors whose goal is of course to sell the most expensive service with the longest commitment.
From this perspective, the menu looked so perfect that there were only three tariffs: no data (phone refuses to connect, I know perfectly well that I would not pay the price for the data), data paid by MB (connecting only occasionally), unlimited data.
On the other hand, O2 tariffs for special spelling check praise. There are certainly many people who just watch mobile e-mail or a reduced free time by reading facebookových discussions. For those it is unnecessary to pay the "big" tariff to all possibilities, I prefer to pay just Facebook that they are not cut off from their addiction while moving between school and home. For such limited FUP tariff is relatively sufficient (even if the e-mail just recorded).
Despite the fact that O2 probably knows what he's doing. I suppose that would have been impossible with two specialized tariffs, if he was not on (no longer available) Facebook tariff sufficient interest. I wonder when they appear to be specialized tariff on YouTube.
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operators reaping criticism for poor network are to blame but phones
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