Friday, October 5, 2012

The second

I thought it was interesting to draw the attention of our readers to the Lithuanian Radio and Television and the organization's policy towards new technologies. This is probably one of the few "national" internet radio institutions, which in this context is surprisingly high. It is still offering its viewers internet radio and listeners have three different mobile applications. That's right, these tools are not unique - that further tests and studies internet radio of mobile options, but even compared with commercial broadcasters RTL view far more ideas than commercial television and radio stations.
- To test your knowledge. By the way, the answers internet radio to all 40 questions, the benefits of the application disappears. To play again - they are the same questions, so the answer is its attraction. But the most important thing that you can compete with players in real-time transmission and answer questions about the phone during the broadcast.
Somewhat surprisingly, only one, why he chose RTL mobile gadgets internet radio youngest audience testing time, which is - you can imagine - is not that part of Lithuania, has the largest number of smartphones. Perhaps there are other nuances to be Vodacom and Nokia helped to create applets internet radio and excellent knowledge of consumer behavior. But, in fact, watching the TV show, regular advertising applications internet radio seems a little internet radio strange, at least.
The second "Vote" - to be used in real time to vote for your favorite songs on the last sampling in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, I lost the same test the gadget, and now has been removed from the Android Market and iTunes stores. However, the state broadcasters website internet radio that the applet was downloaded more than 13,000 times and received high popularity.
"3 LRT player -. Widget running MeeGo and Symbian operating system and allows you to listen and watch all the RTL radio and television. In my opinion, it is most needed and beneficial for each sender applet that can be sent not only to the direct transmission, but cables also browse the archives. tested this application on Nokia Lumia - everything works perfectly and gives a really good emotion in the pocket of the Lithuanian national television and radio. remains to wait for the iPhone version of the application and the operating system Android.
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