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TNS LT belongs to the international research company friv 2012 TNS Global, which has accumulated mo

DBC.LT »Blog Archive» Most of the time spent watching television Estonia
Of the three Baltic most of the time the TV, listen to radio and browse the internet spend Estonia, Latvia, read especially when printing. At that time the media - television, print, radio and the Internet - least attention.
On television viewers in the Baltic friv 2012 states - Estonia - screen average daily spend 3 hours. and 49 minutes. At this time the media Latvia on average every day for 3 hours. 29 minutes. their time, Lithuania - 3 hours. 24 minutes. In 2011. , Lithuania friv 2012 has the attention of the audience is men's basketball championship game.
Latvia friv 2012 on three of the most watched TV show even occupy two positions the head of state - Latvian President A. Berzins and Prime Minister V. Dombrovskis language. When Estonia mostly attract TV viewers Eurovision Song Contest final broadcast.
84 percent. Latvia, read performance of the leading newspapers in the Baltic states, said at least one read the news release. Among the Estonia is 77 percent, Lithuania - Lithuania and Latvia 73, according to a leading women's magazine reading, or entertainment:. In our country - the magazine "People", Latvia - 'Eve "When Estonia is Postimees
most visited newspaper.
Estonia listen to the radio every day an average of three hours. 41 min, Latvia - 3 hours. friv 2012 1 minute. Lithuania is the Baltic friv 2012 states at least listen to the radio - 2 hours. 25 minutes. Average radio stations friv 2012 between Estonia to 3.17, Lithuania friv 2012 - 3, 09, Latvia - 2.4.
Mass media as television, radio, print and online friv 2012 - population surveys friv 2012 available from the audience in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the company undertakes regular INR. This report summarizes published in 2011. Research data.
TNS LT belongs to the international research company friv 2012 TNS Global, which has accumulated more than 60 years of experience in market research and insights in the field. TNS dealer located in more than 80 countries around the world in Europe, North America and South America, the Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.
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