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To celebrate the the 21 anniversary annual mother of the freedom fighters was announced on January 13, 1991 Search is more special than others - to seek their offspring that day to see the world. The words Mrs. Alma Contact Paškevičienė have agreed to share his memories of the birth of St.. Jacob in the hospital when the Vilnius TV Tower car tanks.
"We live in Vilnius Fabijonisk. I had to give birth to a few weeks at home and my family - my husband and eldest son - night, we heard the sound of a gun. Įsijungėme TV, see TV tower ride tanks. then, said on television Bučelytė, fir ... "- also remember Mrs. Alma. Woman adhere nesupratanti what happens. "All people have stood up and began to move toward the scene I remember driving through, and a tone sounds, invited to participate in a number of car this is an incredible heat rash sense of unity," - she said.
According to Alma, where time does not wait for a baby, the same family would not hesitate heat rash to immediately attract the TV Tower, fight for their freedom. "I heat rash held her husband to leave me, because I do not know what might happen - not necessary, I would not have been able to call an ambulance, because power the medical sugūžėję TV Tower, traffic congestion has been incredible. "- said a woman.
On the 13th, she voluntarily admitted to the hospital šv.Jokūbo, the former the Lukiskes Plaza, the center heat rash of Vilnius, near the Parliament. "We went to the hospital, where he was immediately all injured just have a feeling that I can give birth does not ever feel the pain and feelings heat rash of an excuse not I asked the man to leave me. Shy - I think bold, because it already had a second life, doctors and the'm of the rest of the people think so much fear, I started to cry a lot of "- remember Mrs. Alma. According to her, the fear caused by the news, very close to the family was also attacked.
The woman said Josie prenatal retrieve the doctor, even though the situation in the country, the performance of the professional. Fear before heat rash the birth fainted round when the doctor started to recover I said when releasing the baby's world all midwives downgrade the country I was born almost
five babies born full Pamela, dark, pridusęs almost 4 kg, the doctor said jokingly, gave birth piccaninny "- she said. The woman remember the doctors themselves, and the continuous listening directly to radio stations, and the subsequent events in Vilnius heat rash feeling is very exciting hospitals.
"This day I after giving birth, waiting for arrival of her husband and eldest son. Keen and their journey from home to the hospital, I spent nearly six hours - the day of the burial of the dead, so that the traffic congestion again unimaginable phone, do not know where they are. 6 hours of intense I left the hospital for the third time, with the new baby home, "- said Mrs. Alma. Now, she is happy to rely on intuition and stay in hospital. If I pajautusi born at home, who do not know what will happen - would have been enough to enter any of the two hours in the medical industry ... "- to ensure Alma.
Children of Mrs. Alma symbolically named Vytis. Then, the son of Lithuanian presidential career, she predicted, but the occurrence of a completely different - just copy the 21-year-old birthday celebrations heat rash Chase announced today that five swimming champion, and a high level of qualification, and willing to learn in college. "Only on this day to leave this world, and others," - said the emotional words of Mrs. Alma.
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