Friday, October 5, 2012

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Monday fighting games 11:30. Family press conference: "This, however, is whether we can overcome injustice frost?" Talk Press Conference social movements for justice pioneers: Act of Independence signer independence movement Romualdas Steering
Group Ozolas signatory fighting games of the Act, Genzelis movement Steering Group Bronislovas and Movement Steering Group member Cathy Medalinskas.
Between Lithuania had social movements for justice. As a pioneering initiative of the Movement, protests
against illegal public figure and believes that leaders FCIS discharge is said to have revealed the dirty work of senior government officials, non-transparent party parliament shady business connections. She expressed concern about the neįsibėgėti senior fighting games study potentially illegal enrichment. Pioneers movement, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Initiative supported by other social forces, off-budget national trend of political parties, brings together the Alliance for Lithuania Lithuania. Thus was born the public-political movement can become fighting games a great and uniting Lithuanian citizens and society, but the system has their best to remove these forces, discredited, were painted them a color, giving the movement "For Justice "only for the next event: Garliava hostage tragedy in an attempt to push public figures from the original goal: to combat high-level corruption and arbitrary government. In order to intimidate sąjūdininkus and other public fighting games figures have started legal proceedings to organize protests. Parallel action against FCIS former leaders.
Several weeks ago, the movement of the early adopters, the Act of Independence signers, who started the wave of protest, and her head was finally released from all charges, FCIS leaders have won trials at two levels of courts. They left just to win cases on a large scale. Government hides what is a high-level enrichment
unjust politicians, campaign and election process done everything that was born this spring, the public-political entities will be ignored.
about participating National Association elections fighting games "Lithuania Lithuania", originating from the Movement for Justice "initiative will be blocked, creating a lot of obstacles, confusion these forces to create a counterweight to the corrupt political system. In those days, when arbitrary government already felt the teachers and students, the question arises again, we can only, however, to overcome injustice frost in Lithuania, which started to break in the spring, and, if so, what can we do to overcome any obstacle that this goal can be achieved.
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I've heard that the way to N. courage Venckiene stated that the success of their electoral coalition with the Order and Justice Party and nationalists. I wonder why Neringa not say directly that the Coalition for Lithuania Lithuania. After meeting then as it is now before
the election, a coalition with the Nationalists three parties and public figures. I am prepared with his wife and other-minded people to come to October 6. 14 hours. Š.Valentinavičiaus and organized A.Medalinsko a rally outside parliament. It would be great to be involved in, and N. Venckiene say that after a little first guts election to a coalition with Lithuania for Lithuania.
Vytautas wrong. For example Kaunas socdemų supporters gathered LSDs more than LSDP. So many LSDs adds voting coalition. And because they are honest Lithuanians. If you do not like someone left it for yourself nusipjauk left hand. As a man is, and the people needed and left and right and center.
Well, said. AttaBoy.
Both candidates - do not see the state of mind required to administer than perfection. If you fall in the family, it is likely to be of Landsbergis satellites party. fighting games In this case the, ignorant government has extended to 4 years.
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