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Standard always popping up in the room connected Main Room, to create a new room to fill out the fi

One of the problems we have people we like war is that it is not easy to find many people latin translation to play, but the Internet has changed this, and there are tools vassal that lets you replace the board and the board of the virtual one that allows you play with people around the world via computer.
To play you need two things, "engine" that is vassal program and "body" which are modules of games. For some time Peter and Leo have been mulling over the CEP module that allows you to play with the sheriff and finally decided to publish a first version. Getting you need to play
To play online via e-mail and through a CEP server, you need two things, first, the module can encontar CEP, free, in the shadow Editions page (compressed. latin translation Zip) and other programs that can encontar vassal, free, vassal side.
The program's system requirements are modest latin translation initially, in a modern computer that can run Java programs as normal. Our recommendation is that the more RAM the better.
A basic prerequisite for installation is a reasonably recent version of Java. Operating does not matter - we can play with Vassal CEP in Windows (XP, Vista, latin translation W7) and Linux, and is also able to play on Mac OS.
All information below assumes that you have configured in Spanish vassal, is standard in English, and you have to do to change the File menu> Preferences and restart vassal. In detail
The download is a compressed folder vassal or an electrician (depending on the OS). After the installation, then run for the first time, open the File menu> Playing a module, and to find and select the module file you downloaded CEP of Shadow Editions page.
When you start the module appears vassal wizard that allows us to choose: Start new game offline game online Find A Load saved game Tour of module:
Install a new scenario
We now displays a configuration window panel standard module loads a standard board CEP in landscape orientation. You can add more panels to the pages by clicking on the Add Row to add a dash down or Add Column to add a board to the right.
Exit Exit vassal module
Unmark moving latin translation When you move a card that is marked with a small mark on the page, this button removes latin translation all brands of board movement
This window shows both the information generated automatically vassal, such as dice rolls or the movement of chips, and also functions as a chat / discussion forum.
The Boneyard latin translation is divided into two parts, the left counters craft and associated vectors and the right is a list of the types of ships that are available for nationality and this size.
To add a counter (of ships or vector) to click and drag the desired counter to the map. By doing so you will find that the device is automatically oriented latin translation towards the hexagonal grid. Add a blank verriano hunting and vector B.07 C.05.
Holding down the Shift key, you can select more than one meter at a time, which can be very useful to move or rotate multiple counters solidarity. Load a saved game
In the Wizard latin translation window select Vassal can load a saved game. If you play a game you must select File> End game before you can download latin translation a new game from a file on disk.
If you enter a "Log File", which will explain as recorded elsewhere, the situation play vassal latin translation counters "beginning" of recording the log file and go forward, please use the Forward button during registration or pressing Page Down. Do opponents online
This option will open a vassal of deployed server controls, these controls include a button bar and two windows on the left is the gambling halls and the right to use the room.
Standard always popping up in the room connected Main Room, to create a new room to fill out the field that appears just above the window that says new game room with the name you want for the room and automatically added to new spaces created.
To join an existing room can right-click on the name of the room and then join the room. To exit a room just join another, which

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