Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In the first part of the seminar

Although there were some questions about CASEN 2011, who requested street maps and answer seminar held by CEP in Tuesday, September 11th, there was one that became the center of debate: Where's the pretest, street maps he approved the inclusion of the question "Y11" street maps in questionnaire? From CIPER revealed that the Ministry of Social Development has sent a bill to ECLAC to include the variable in the outcome, pretest, a key document and that to this day remains secret, has become a major doubt on the validity of the figures, the government
announced in July. In the midst of the discussion, the three main speakers (Juan Carlos Feres, Sergio Urzua and Eduardo Engel) asked the government to make public the white paper. See full performances of Juan Carlos Feres and Sergio Urzua in CEP alsothe See video of the seminar on "Questions to Casen 2011" CEP and download a PDF of the presentation
In the first part of the seminar "Questions to CASEN 2011", organized by the Center for Public Studies (CEP) on September 11 morning. Juan Carlos Feres, resigned head of social indicators and statistics ", Statistics and economic projections ECLAC open day presentation that sharply questioned a number of methodological changes that underwent the latest survey, which measures poverty in Chile was responsible for the last 25 years. strongly for increased representation and the size of the peripheral areas sampled street maps change in sample regions or municipalities to include two new questions in the survey. One was "Y11", which reported a profit of unpaid family workers , unemployed and inactive households surveyed. Same as revealed in a report CIPER end of August, was dismissed street maps at first instance by ECLAC in the results sent to the Ministry of Social Development (formerly Mideplan), because it affects the comparability of the study with previous versions, but that is included street maps days later, after the ministry will send the bill shows that-pretest of the survey indicate that the issue does not affect the comparability because the data collected are not new, but has existed in previous studies . In his presentation, Feres said he never pretest and ECLAC not ask, because "it is not uncommon prompted governments, compared with official information, no confirmation. He added: "But this is the ECLAC. street maps From the point of view of the Chilean society, it is only fitting to give maximum transparency. We should know very soon that the report pretest and assessment of any form concerning whether or not a convincing evidence to suggest that regular street maps income components Y11 "actually was uploaded to the variable" other income "in previous street maps years. "This is why, in the afternoon, after the first part of the seminar, Sergio Urzua, chief economist space CEP Social Policy and one of the speakers this morning, turned and before setting his sights on Feres, looked at some of the people who were at the forefront of the audience. question was left for the final was to Feres, especially for employees of the Ministry of Social Development
(MDS) subject of discussion among the attendees. delegation of several members of the technical team in charge of leading CASEN a vice chair, Soledad Arellano.-I accept that Claudia Sanhueza, who participated in the 2006 and 2009 CASEN; Carolina Casas Cordero, who was in 2011, and Juan Carlos (Feres) to ask for the pretest. ECLAC team and discussed Mideplan this issue and I have not had the opportunity to ask David Bravo (microdata Center Director University of Chile), street maps if they do not. I have no idea, but who does? Where? leaves open questions Urzua. Caroline Casas Cordero, an employee of the Social Observatory MDS and interlocutor between the Ministry street maps and microdata Center of the University of Chile, which does not work in the field CASEN turned his head and said nothing. those who are in the best position to meet the ministry colleagues respond Feres. All I can do that pretest and one is always based on the premise that they did. direct reference I have, or know the document. Probably, if you followed the practice of the year anteriore

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