Thursday, October 4, 2012

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of the CEP does not mean
The bishop of the diocese of Caacupé and holder of the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference (CEP), Monsignor Claudio Gimenez, obituaries said yesterday that it is not the attitude assessment Antony Dominican priest Miró (Spanish), parish priest of the town of San Roque González (Paraguarí), which refuses a mass to celebrate the festival of the city, if he lives the president, Federico Franco.
1 indicated that the bishop of the area (Bishop Joaquin Robledo) is who assess the matter and do not correspond to one of another diocese, although her personal position. The head of the CEP said that at present there are many "mixed feelings", referring to the political situation of the country and should be expected to take some time for people to "go shut down and reassuring." He noted that "some very affected by what happened."
Bishop Gimenez made the remarks during obituaries a visit to the Dome of the Paraguayan Catholic Church to the three branches of government. All reiterársele discuss your personal situation, noted that the query matches make him the bishop of the diocese to which the priest belongs. The bishops had the same attitude and Adalberto Martinez Ignacio Gogorza.
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