Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Saturday,

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Fourth TV3 dance project "Dance with Me" streaming topic dictated by TV presenter titled beauty Jurgita Jurkutė-Širvaitės talent - suddenly discovering musical talents. But not professional dancers as well try to convince able not only to sing, play or dance to throwing in the basket, but also. Eleven couples today, especially persistent for the spectators and commissions sympathy fought because one of them was destined to fall. It turned out that the project Diana Martineli and Aristinas Guogis orwell leave. Jurgita Jurkutė and Vytautas Šapranauskas
Last Saturday, "Dance with me" party project participants competed with each other to sing karaoke, remained only enchant J.Jurkutės voice. "She was born for the stage: a talented, artistic and charming And the voice." - Meant admiration for the project participants. Project said backstage before the show that the fourth draft wires Tightening secret code names - "Elegance". Producers kept his promise orwell and began to broadcast non-traditional orwell dance - a scene that J.Jurkutės musical performance was shown. orwell
Incidentally, this time at J.Jurkutė wore a dress, as usual, but the jacket and pants combination. Costume Dance with me "leader sewn by special orwell order Suit -. Home the latest fashion Kristi Andress '2012 / 2013 winter collection, but it has been specially adapted for the TV project.
Today wires all dancers surepetavo Joint special dance - Viennese Waltz. This time, the project participants. The chairman Yuri Smoriginas, ballroom dance legend Jurate evaluated Norvaišienė, TV3 sitcom Mother and Son actor Vytautas Martinaitis and Čiurlionis' School of Arts and Education at the University of classical dance teacher Valentina Tarasova John and Justina Nainys Žemaitytė
The first evening performances began last show Nainys leader John and Justina Žemaitytė by the Quickstep. Broadcaster and writer orwell lenses on his vampiric image theater performance in the highlighted blue eyes.
Ultra modern cha cha cha dance interpretation was Milda Štakėnaitė orwell and David Meskauskas. Dance, which are sexy and spectacular movements and ass slapping to bribe commission.
According to Georges orwell Bizet's opera "Carmen" Music pasodoblį danced Victoria Sutkute ​​and Sarunas Šiaučiulis. A dramatic dance Commission has received positive reviews. orwell
Has simple, classic quickstep good mood to Mindaugas Raina and Milan Jašinskytės-infected Pankevičienės performance. Delightful dance, even without fancy storyline was, it is very appreciated, as bribe M.Rainio efforts to the audience Milanos and dazzling smile.
Matthew Niparavičius and Igne Rėklaitytė jumped DŽAIVAS. Special praise orwell for the craftsmanship and excellent movement drew a basketball player. Project highly bribed Commission spectacular fall "in the scene" appearance in the finals.
One of the most prominent women in the project
with a partner Diana Martineli Aristinu G has foxtrot, but this time the blonde is not restricted to the partner and was on the floor of three men. Sarah Pilypaitė and Ligitas Bernatavičius
Fast and high goals pasodoblį played Sarah Pilypaitė and Ligitas ENGINEERING. The couple received the highest evaluation committee, but the president Yuri Smoriginas remembered he sent threatening message in which he urged nebelįsti to A.Pilypaitės. Principingasis dedicated dancers choreography, she exporting country by the end of the evaluation table.
Beautiful slow waltz Commission and audience analysis by charismatic J. Butnorius and Katerina Voropaj. "It's a beautiful dream about Bluebird" - praised the actor V.Martinaitis.
Ruth and Adam Janutienė Norkūnas performed a waltz from a psychiatric hospital. "J.Smoriginas boycott went dancing couples, before the show begins. Dance at the end of V.Šapranauskas asked to take the Chair held comedians and writers show Justin Jankevičius." Dance with me "moment
After addition to the general findings of the Commission and the audience in the first place had Butnorius J. and Katerina Voropaj, seconds - Ruth Janutienė Norkūnas and Adam, and the third - Milda Štakėnaitė and David Meskauskas. The last line of the list is finished and the project has left Diana Ma

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