Thursday, October 4, 2012

Santariškės radio, then became

Health no longer hear on the radio and Mazeikiai more magazine hospital patients -
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GP: "Boys, boys - you are very thick. And continues to grow in size every day." - "Yes, it's true. Under the weight of my height is 2 meters. Bevalgyčiau more magazine But, do not grow up." more magazine All jokes
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The lowest price fuel gas price Mazeikiai more magazine station address Kvistija Laižuvos A95 82 A98 4.96 g - g Laižuvos Kvistija 82 D 4.66 g Kvistija Laižuvos 82 E85 - 82 g Kvistija Laižuvos more magazine 2:40 Kvistija gas Laižuvos 82 g
"Be welcome and be healthy" - so begins their broadcast "Radio Health. His show can be heard from eight in the morning until nine at night. more magazine Hospital surgeries Mazeikiu
the" Concord "history of innovation to patients happy. Topic of health, I think that it is always has been and will be important. Young people have a lot of things you can read on the Internet, and the elderly is not available. often you need to visit a doctor in the hospital is located, it's good to hear ", - assured the man did not want to present themselves. He was supported by other patients, who added that the wait will not be long. Not to mention that it lightens the mood and music, sundries, Humoresque. "But not everyone listens to streaming, Slurp, and other nuisances. Maybe a little lack of sound from these wafers is difficult to hear the information," - said one woman. The contract - three years
Total hospital Mazeikiu with 21 speakers. Most of them - eleven - is on the ground floor, reception, consultation section. On the second floor, where there are specialists, is ten, and the third - two speakers. Mazeikiu Hospital Broadcasting more magazine invest a total of about 14 thousand more magazine Litas. Acquisition, equipment installation cost 5,500 litas. According to the contract signed a three-year monthly radio broadcasters to pay the hospital $ 242. Mutual benefits
Santariškės radio, then became "Radio Health, our program began in August 2004. Initially, it was local - University Hospital, and since 2007 has become the web - and I've heard some of the other health
more magazine care institutions in Lithuania. Mazeikiu Hospital Director Albinas University Hospital League of you have heard about the health of radio programs and gearbox are interested in offering them Mazeikiai. "There are many patients with useful information about the disease, prevention, and law. We will be able to do the same registers more magazine "- about the benefits of streaming" consistency, "said the director.
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