Thursday, October 4, 2012

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The law will reaffirm that advertising and commercial radio Lang and RL TV banned, except for messages of support (cultural and sports events and (or) emissions, which aims to promote
cultural activities, social and (or) education), as well as to advertising and commercial communications Lang should RL broadcasts as part of the obligation of contract international broadcasting rights acquisition events or problems.
Proposed LRT would be financed from the state budget, the revenue received for the sale of programs, sponsorship, publishing, as well as support and revenue from commercial and economic activities.
Proposed would RL radio and television transmission from the state budget will affect additional money from the state budget in a separate lows line, pay the Lithuanian Ministry of applications directly to the people.
LRT funding from the amount of the state budget every year can not be less than the amount received for the first time since this paragraph is the formula funding for date calculations.
The project was approved lows after 50 members of Parliament voted against Question 2 abstentions 8 primary audience is appointed to Education, lows Scientific and Cultural Committee, estimated for the absolute - 10 October. For this project he decided to apply for the Government conclusion.
In connection with Article RL broadcast lows live Zalgiris March tournament in Germany / 2 2012-09-20 RL broadcast live Zalgiris March tournament in Munich / 8 2012-09-19 LRT Council will be interested, as a national television campaign en / 1 2012-09 - 04 RL show "Londoniada" presenter was Andrew Tapinas and sports reporter Sara Zukas / 7 2012-07-18 LRT newsletter Olympics offer followed with Londoniada "/ 1 2012-07-18 Board of LRT continue leading Dainius Radzevicius 2012 -07-10 LRT Council: last year, public television operates profitably 2012-07-06 All items related (7)
It's title: Current raped girl Swedish complained on Facebook lows before lows 6hrs. The book was published a soldier Ernest Kuckailis: it is better to live without memory, as in my shot is before the Afghan throw 5hrs. And his students escaped a British teacher in the UK will be given next week before 6hrs.
My television
commercial tool will find all the parts of the advertising, which now go to the LRT. advertising is not far | RL, otherwise it is "hanging" on Governments and "the goodness", which means that the impact on policy will significantly stronger. Remember that Lithuania is not any in the UK, where the BBC is neprilausoma from states and who live in the Moeke subscription and, in fact, advertisements.
15MIN.LT Gallery: the history of horror in Taliban - Afghanistan motorcycles Flying Lithuanians
KAROLINA TOMKEVIÈIŪTĖ when ... unmatched in ... 41
Scientists: neandèrtalyen
may have to live next to people early and possibly crossed with
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During week six and a half for a second fire Kulautuva church, this time it burns a flame 76
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