Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Enough once I found my design on this blog: I

Enough once I found my design on this blog: I'm a blue period, I will furnish a blue living room, with a beach / sea theme, but so neutral that do not get bored after two weeks. I want to live in a house with little readmanga secluded lake, and a beach walking along the evenings. But still central. I want to sew fabulous dresses in various shades of blue, in the same dress. I want that blue around me, for now I'm in a blue period. It is something many people associate with a negative readmanga term, but it is not! Blue is the color of eternity, it symbolizes peace and relaxation. A blue room is a comfortable room to be in, which lowers blood pressure and gives you peace and harmony. I've started to keep a diary again, almost. It can not be called diary if you do not write every day, for the whole point of a diary is that you write daily. But The Book is back. I do not write diary on it, that I did today stage, there is more to clear your mind of getting them down on paper in the present and it's not at all stupid. In fact, I find it quite useful. I look forward to babie boy comes, readmanga hopefully I've settled down in an apartment until then, it had been wonderful to live for myself, and stroked my babi in a blue living room with lots of family readmanga visitors. Only 10.5 weeks left now. = D * AuRevoir *
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