Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We started at Andrea

And with that, I'm

waving! "There was a time in Korea
The first was probably more an excuse to eat pizza after school, and it was really nice! Some girls from the class and I went to Milan, pizza resturant anatomy and physiology little beyond the school and ate. I'm going to miss class, even though I have not been part of it for very long. It's anatomy and physiology a pretty relaxed environment, anatomy and physiology and I think that my next class can be .. a bit more, tja. Suspended in school? For it is for sure not the gang I'm in now ... 'we are awake and ready to work today?' all: '... no' Well, I'll send you letters, so look out for it! Puff the magic dragon - over and out. We took a bunch of pictures on Friday, which I promised to send Christina. I'll have it done in mårra, because I was not home today and yesterday .. err, which will be more in the day that I shall do it. When I got stood up. Photos from school: (I'm in red) Milan:
Then it was time for theater. It was Friday afternoon, while I, Andrea and Hannah put on coffee bar and drew mustaches on their fingers that we realized that we should have a little avskjedssak. anatomy and physiology Or, it was when we found out that it was going to happen on Saturday, it was a good idea to contact people. And while I and Hanna continued to draw mustaches on their fingers (my second anatomy and physiology offense was fine ...) Andrea called around to people. And when all said 'Jaaaaa, so fun! Can I help with something 'and things like that, my heart melted a little. You are wonderful people! The same day I ate and Hanna taco with Andrea, and then came the idea that we should lend us singstar! So we took Stella (the dog) out of going to borrow it. And the way it happened something funny .. 'We had not made it very far before we walked past a house where the light skinnte on snow and music and babble noises emanated from an open window. Andrea told me that it was the house of Guro, in her class. We decided to go to see what they did, and as I said then done. megaphone, we walked over to the porch and looked into the window. They sang karaoke! And it was not a Any song, it was Babie girl! So just for fun we decided (i) us to film, just to see how long it took before they reacted. So we began. No reaction, we Gaula little on reffrenget, no reaction. One is looking straight anatomy and physiology at where we stand - no reaction. We rows actually seeing the whole song, and they do not notice that we are outside the open window, where there is no curtain that obscures. So when the song is finished, we applaud, and only when they see us. And they click. It was pretty fun to fresh year wets the barbie girl dance with song.
Over to the case. So the next day, that Saturday, I went to Andrea cleared her room and then we went out to buy. We had said that people could come for five or six tia and slow as we went we hjemmover before anatomy and physiology the time was 16.40. So when we arrived there was already Hanna. Then came the rest in the crowd.
We started at Andrea's room, but moved down to the living room where we first just sat there talking. So we played it pretty strange anatomy and physiology game where cards Call Hanna missed virtually anatomy and physiology two rounds even though she got Pikachu and Little My. When we got tired of calling cards, we should see the film, and after a bit here and there, we agreed to see Frankenstein - film of our own setup. And more laughing loudly during a movie I've never heard! Roar of laughter from both us and the audience of the film filled the whole house, and I feel a bit sorry for the tenant. But god it was so much fun! It's quite another to see the movie along with the other people who are in it, to see it alone. Suddenly all internal jokes into the ground again, and the laughter sticks in the mood. The picture was taken in a movie break when I managed to finish the film instead to rewind .. After the film was completed went Andreas and Hanna hjemmover, and with two smaller kalaset it was certainly time for Karaoke! In the beginning was the most in Maestro - Kaizers Orchestra, but then the other songs on the CD inserted. And it all concluded with Boogeyman - Mira Craig, where Vegard gave everything and shone! Although he did not win points wise against Stein-Martin did he up for it meddans with high sensitivity. God I'll miss all of you! I realized it really on Saturday. I will miss the entire group! I love the fact that I'm friends with you on and off the assembly hall and the theater has given me an unbelievable amount in the past year. When I think of leaving, are you what is vannskeligst to leave. I'm so fond of you all, and I am so very proud of all we've achieved! And what you have achieved anatomy and physiology with the new piece. I saw almost the entire rehearsal today, and you are great! And I trust that you will continue from Stamsund! Get as far as you bir filmed so I can see it when DUS post it: 3 I will leave a large part of myself in you, since the theater has been practically my second home page

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