Sunday, October 7, 2012

- Zuppettina baby octopus on a bed of chickpeas and a sprinkling of parsley. Great match, danielle

A fish market in the heart of central Viareggio. Speaking of short chain here will reset the km in total, the owner of the fish is also rmatore a fleet of 4 vessels. Guess what fish fish more 'ever?
So we arrive at this restaurant-fish invited by a friend, inside there 'the fish, outside danielle steel under the portico two tables with benches in tow, stop. Paper towels, paper cups, cutlery paper. danielle steel The paper fish that too, no joke, the fish is really the protagonist.
- Zuppettina baby octopus on a bed of chickpeas and a sprinkling of parsley. Great match, danielle steel octopus that melted in your mouth. - Anchovy and horse mackerel to the poor, very tasty - Sardines warbler, well, what can I say, eaten double portion.
- Spaghetti with clams, mussels A tray that was to double the number of diners, spaghetti cooked al dente perfect with mussels and clams really cool and a great sauce that tied the shellfish danielle steel spaghetti.
- Shrimps and prawns Catalan and fruit. Jumbo size prawns and fresh prawns served on a bed of fruit coated with a thin layer of mustard sauce. An unprecedented combination that there and then left me amazed. I must say that the combination danielle steel is remarkable.
Now here I owe you an explanation. Since 'is a fish food and not a real restaurant owner asked us to introduce no more' later than 20:00 because the staff goes away soon. Having arrived at 21.00 had to work overtime to cook and then the account is a little baking.
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Passandi my summers in Viareggio I spend almost every day in front of August! is right there in the Market Square. The restau-fish can not say anything danielle steel because I never had the courage to try, though I was one time in fish from them and I'll tell you, the bar I had not excited about that, they also had much of the Atlantic and local non- a lot! The fact, however, that is not our national does not ignore danielle steel that once cooked well is not good is clear! It's better than a fresh one sole Atlantic Mediterranean passed off as such, but tired of du day! ahahha danielle steel Next summer maybe I'll try! ;)
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