Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mister Fabio Pecchia relies on the motto

Latin - ​​Football, Latina f ebook stopped by Viareggio: 1-1
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Feather the second minute of stoppage time the dream of a fourth title in a row. The Latin goes on in the house of Viareggio and then wasting time, too, allowing the Tuscan back into the game and snatch a draw that while ago to continue the streak of Latin America, on the other coast of the possibility of hooking the top of the standings, two hours away, or those who share the pontine dall'Avellino leaders.
Mister Fabio Pecchia relies on the motto 'Never change a winning team' and delivers the exact same training camp winning last Sunday at home against Sorrento. f ebook A 4-3-3 with Bindi between f ebook the posts defended by a line to four composed (starting from right to left) by captain Milani, f ebook Cottafava, De Giosa and Bruscagin. f ebook The three in midfield are Cejas, Burrai and Gerbo in support of three points Barraco and Agodirin (external) and Jefferson (center). As is usually the Latin as strong in attacking the opponent high blood pressure and taking the reins of the midfield. The Viareggio mister Cuoghi, however, is well covered and not at risk. It follows a start with virtually actions worthy of note, broken f ebook only at 22 'with a large network of Marcello Cottafava. The central defender Inter fishing directly from 45 meters a pearl of wits and skill. The Inter shoots network virtually a free kick from midfield that is the whole rear Viareggio discovery, including a Gazzoli guilty of being left out from the poles and unable to be able to reject the stroke of genius 35 year-old defender signed from Genoa. The Viareggio try to react by raising the center of gravity. But it is the new Latin dangerous 29 'with a header from a corner of De Giosa Burrai that ends high over the crossbar. On the other hand, the Bianconeri f ebook will try with sloping area on which, however, the host defense is good to clean up the situation. f ebook At 40 'it reviews the Latin from the parts of Gazzoli: Milani cross from the right and right on the fly Burrai strangled it is easy prey for the home goalkeeper. The replica of Viareggio reach the 43 ', when the Maltese central streets and then shoot network finding the amazing response that extends Bindi turning a corner. And 'This is the last gasp of the first half.
No change in the second half for two technicians. The Viareggio try to push raising f ebook the center of gravity from the outset, but the Latina takes hit often and try to relax on the break. Pecchia draws from the bench at 10 ', when a new face to his attack by entering Angelilli for Jefferson and moving Agodirin position of central striker. At 16 'first hazard to the door of Bindi, rejecting providentially Cejas with a shot from an excellent position to Santos, f ebook released in the area by the newly entered Peverelli. Two minutes later the response of Latin, just on a restart. Barraco is deep Kola that sits Gazzoli but stretches a bit 'too much of the ball, thus failing the most spectacular goals just a step away from the goal line. It 'a good time for Latin America that began to press insistently by the parties of the Juventus defense. At 25 'cross from the right and still Cottafava Kola, sills, is anticipated at the time of the tap-in. But it is a Latin personality that makes your weapon to curb the enthusiasm of Viareggio that fails to scratch the rear guest. The race will drag us towards the ninetieth without further surprises, f ebook although the pace imposed by the two teams. Seems to be made, but to awaken from the dream of Latin American center the fourth consecutive victory fades right at 92 ', when Magnaghi punishes Bindi with a specific dish right from the edge of the penalty area on a short postponement of the head of De Giosa. A goal that freezes the Nerazzurri and the goalkeeper pontine, which thus loses their unbeaten after 365 '. After 5 'recovery Saia decreed that tie in points, is close to Latin America.
Viareggio: Gazzoli, Carnesalini, War (15'st Peverelli), Pellegrini, vials, Sorbo, f ebook Pizza, Maltese (20'st De Vena), Giovinco f ebook (28'st Calamai), Santos, Magnaghi. To avail.: Furlan, Conson, Tomas, Sandrini. Coach: Cuoghi
Latina: Bindi, Milani, Bruscagin, Cejas, Cottafava, De Giosa, Barraco (39'st Giacomini), Burrai, Jefferson (11'st Angelilli) Gerbo (35'st Ricciardi), Agodirin. To avail.: Ioime, Agius, Montalto, Tulli. Coach: Pecchia <

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