Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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This week there have been "howdy week" ordlista at school. It is a garment to collect money, this time to babie Gracie who was born with Downs Syndrome + + and the family needs money for medicine and hospital bills.
On Monday, ordlista all gathered in the gymnasium ordlista to have pass the bucket + introduction to the week, and yesterday it was "Mr. Blanchard "contest. Two boys from each stage basically did what girls do i miss something konkuransser. Thats. Talent, bikini and formal outfit. To see the boys flex in bikini with makeup on ... It was incredibly cool! Today was the "kidnap a teacher day". I thought we were to kidnap a teacher and push them to give the most money for frilatelse, but this was unfortunately not the case. One would "donate" money to his 2nd hour teacher and the class that collected the most got a free period without teacher next week .. Not as cool concept but okay. So yes, my class collected about $ 1.5 ... Good thing there. In total we have at least collect $ 1700 (almost 10 000), and because we went over $ 1000 was Mr. Jackson (rector) duck taped to a post where he HANG throughout the luncheon today. Surprisingly enough, this was his own idea.
So yeah. Otherwise, the last few days been a mixture of awesome and miserable. Yesterday at the gym I got a basketball head. Then a face. A little later I got another in the face. And no, it's not normal and you get hit by a ball during the training. But whatever. Last time I got it right in the face, and began to acute nose bleed. This made me freak out, when last I was bleeding nose was in kindergarten when I deliberately threw me out of the kitchen counter with an intent and start to bleed - because ordlista the day before had one that fell and started bleeding nose had chocolate milk. Yes I was so sugar craving and yes I succeeded. When the blood stopped flowing, I noticed an intense pain in his hand. The ball had spruttet from my face to my hand, and my thumb was sprained and double dimensions. Insanely cool.
Later in the day I was picked up by Rachel, before and three to the left to Moore because we should place ourselves in line for Breaking Dawn (Twilight 4 part 1). It was midnattspremiære, and since you do not have reserved

seats and therefore must be first in order to get good placement, we showed in the queue already at 8 With starbucks, chick-fil-a and plenty of blankets began waiting. It was around ten degrees and iiiskalt, but thankfully we stand outside for very long, because we were raised and could put us in the auditorium about. 2 hours before the movie started. They played the same movie on all Cloths, and it was insane with people. Having never been on such a big movie before. Canvas was so huge that I had to look back and forth from one side to the other to get to me what was happening. It was at least incredibly fun! Something however was not insanely delicious was to get up this morning. In addition to that, I only got three hours of sleep, I had also managed to include a virus that will not know me well. My throat burns and my head works, and so it has been throughout the day! Due. sprained thumb and I'm sick, I missed the scrimmage today. Two hours bus to a town where we were playing, something I had been looking forward to. Known only that I was not going to survive it, and since I do not play anyway I let either weather. Made me sick at least one good laugh today! Mr. Roby and peers from the 3rd hours singing the Norwegian narsjonalsangen to me ... Damn I laughed. Americans who read Norwegian ... It must be experienced. I knew what they were trying to say, but to read Norwegian as though the U.S. ... hahahha. I cried with laughter, without overdoing it!
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