Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spray I was doing approximately parallel to chat.no, but it worked in a very different way. This ga

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All my screen time, from when I was a kid has got a lot of contacts, friends, and even boyfriends. This is a small (actually many small) story (s) from my internet life, my social internet give me everything life.
It all started with Sol.no their chat, where you had to press the "refresh" button yourself to see that someone had said something new. This was where I had my first encounter with the Dream Boys, which I later hooka all my friends up and we were internet lovers, each with our boy. We talked on the phone every day, until we finally met (we could not have been more than 10-11 years ^ ^). This ended quickly and something more exciting came chat.no and Spray chat (saaavn </ 3).
A whole summer (okaj, it was a bit longer), I sat glued to the screen and chatted with all these people I had never met. On chat.no it was cool that we talked in public chat that was dominant. Each evening we met with the same nick every day (TyGGiSeN_MiN) and the same individual color of the font. The canal was 13-18 and we think we were the toughest of all. I met Inflec and Kjell man. ^ ^ Latter I am actually still very very good friends with <3
Spray I was doing approximately parallel to chat.no, but it worked in a very different way. This gave own profile, guestbook, inbox, list of friends and various chat rooms that all had something with boats and the sea and do. Here I was also a "public chat" and met my first love matias-14! We were coming in love and wrote wonderful messages to each other. We had all planned to meet after that we lived 55 mil apart. Eventually we lost touch unfortunately (but fate had other plans ^ ^).
I have drastically been trying to figure out how the next person came into the picture, but Hans-Petter was the next big crush min. Whether I met him also spray chat.no or perhaps also deiligst.no (it could be the last, unfortunately ^ ^). We had our interactions through MSN hijacked most of my childhood and adolescence? Here through video chat! Despite this distance on also 55 mil (odd that) we should also meet!
Then fate into the picture and says that I should at germany / poland trip with a class from trondheim. When can I forward matias-14 (although we have not talked in a while now) and ask if there happens to be his class we are going on tour with, JO IT WAS THERE. Then again I'm a hooker friends of him with friends of mine and many know a lot before we go on tour. I and matias met here, but got better contact later in time (come back to this). A lot happened on the trip, at least, but the main point is that I travel to visit Trondheim again after the trip, and here I meet now Hans-Petter! Haha.
After this, I do not know what happens (online gaming ^ ^ and blink.no) but it all is completely dead tl summer 2007. As I live alone in a new town and resort to video blogging, give me everything live on blogtv.com! Here I meet a bunch of new people. Those who look at my first show that summer, give me everything and was with me late nights and into the night the summers I still have contact with today, here came Matias and so the fact we were a nice little gang and my followers were baptized crienteam! I <3 u!
aww, it's so cozy! I also have so many memories with internet people. It's strange how things half (okay, who am i kidding .. perhaps all) youth mi disappeared while I put on the internet. but that was cozy daa ^ ^
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