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11 October 2012 brief introduction to the book which is a mystery woman, she has three identities, the Hollywood sex goddess, the populist angel of the charitable organizations tom cruise movies of the United Nations, the mother of six children. She was real, real live in Hollywood, facing tom cruise movies the front of tens of thousands of flash her everything is shining in the public eyes, but her world is not ... the entertainment wedding always attract everyone's tom cruise movies eye, Julie wearing black leather pants and a white shirt, with his own blood on the shirt scrawled on the name of her husband, "I think this is very poetic, some people write poetry, some self-flagellation, different people will choose different ways, but no matter how they are very hard. "Although John admitted the wife the open American woman, Julie never shy about for cohabitation things and John, but the first time, the couple had tried to confidentiality romance. After the wedding, however, tom cruise movies everything has changed, she has always been candid style, life is completely open. The outside world to talk about their hasty marriage, she said, "Our view is that, should live in the moment and not think about the future, even if we divorce, I did, and I love the people marriage, spent several years of happy moments. marriage just signed a paper promise. "single from this statement, it is not difficult to find marriage to her more like an experiment,

rather than a lifelong vision. Ultimately it is due to the lack insist, tom cruise movies first marriage ended early. tom cruise movies Her very pompous to say, "If you do not get married and John, I likely tom cruise movies marry Shimizu." Shimizu said, "No one can control Jolie she always looking for excitement can not imagine she will have a happy marriage plain. "John

is even more optimistic about marriage, just say," You love a person, wanted to be with her. both of us are very extreme, so we choose marriage. candid emotions such Frightening Let us open the inner door. John said "door" perhaps he and his wife enjoyed the non-traditional tom cruise movies sexual relationships. The couple even pet snake cage placed at the foot of the bed. "It's in the bedroom glass cage," said John, "Finally, we had to find another home for it, because we can not give it enough love and attention. Pet snake requires a lot of care, or they will become vicious." tom cruise movies He also said to kill the mice to feed the snakes, "I can not tell you to kill mice, otherwise there will be all sorts of people are putting a bomb in front of my house, I can only say that my skill is very agile." While many people may be Zhu Li sexual abuse tendencies and pet snake Complex intimidated, it is clear that John has to adapt to all of this. She said that he "very wild", said on another occasion, "the Englishman may be some depression, but they are very good in bed!" Not how much Hollywood actress willing to openly discuss their sex life, but Julie always want to fans frank, tom cruise movies she was willing tom cruise movies to say in detail the boudoir within a private affair, "I have been very naughty in sexual abuse have fun in the game, of course, there are a lot of people than I was over-I must be careful, because I was an actor can it let me fascinated, I have always believed that if someone looking for me to try new stuff, I would certainly like to try. "She also said," I wanted to be the leader, but then I realized that the leader before real slaves, because they do the most difficult thing, tom cruise movies and then exhausted; while others just enjoy lying down, but did not get any benefit, so I changed tom cruise movies my own ideas. "regardless tom cruise movies of the John play which party,

he willing to accompany her to try. In 2001, in the publicity for the film "Dracula", he admitted that suck the blood of his ex-wife, and said "she liked. She said he is very wild in bed, and he was quite satisfied, after the divorce, he acknowledged that these sexual abuse anecdotes "good for my image. Julie is John first girlfriend seriously, there is no doubt that he loved very crazy, but he also knows that this relationship will eventually come to an end. "Our feelings of ups and downs in some crazy This actor is helpful to her, we understand each other, tom cruise movies and respect for personal space." Marriage John moved Jolie Los Angeles residence, that time two very good relationship. , This is a big change for this boy from Surrey. But he said that after careful consideration "the mad love for her is the main reason, but I also have to admit that this opportunity is a good one to Los Angeles, I explore the outside world, or the rest of my life may have been indulging tom cruise movies in ' If 'them. "due to the complexity of the relationship between father and daughter, John after until the wedding to see Julie's father. Initial meeting with the father-in-law, the tension tom cruise movies is human nature. Jon Voight "I want to say 'Hello, I'm your son-in-law', this is too weird! But Voigt is a good man, a very harmonious atmosphere of the conversation." Speaking of their parents on this bizarre wedding response, John said, "They have a wedding album, it is not so terrible as it sounds, some people think of it as a Satanic ritual, in fact, not like that." Unfortunately, the previously tom cruise movies mentioned

"space" ultimately hindered marriage. Jolie admitted that she could not give her husband should love and care. "I feel that I am not a good wife, I think we really need to grow, because we are always talking about remarriage. Course, my career in the first place, for which he endured a lot." We can infer that John As for the love The work first, and his wife is not the case. Julie said divorced parents may be a direct tom cruise movies result of her strong desire for independence. "I do not know whether my childhood worse than anyone, but to see their parents do not respect each other, it makes me worried and sad for them, this may be my extreme tom cruise movies desire for independence because I have been insecure I was fourteen tom cruise movies years old and went out to work, I do not need anyone's help, this is also affecting my marriage. "Whether Julie how much I love John, but she has never been able to pay all. Unfortunately, when her career is in a period of development. "Either physically or psychologically, I can not do anything whole-heartedly. Unfair to him, I am busy with his career, even in love, I was serving in the distance." There was a time, they live together , but emotionally it is thousands of miles away. Julie said "We are living together but living separate and I really hope I can give him more, but this time I did not prepare a very ideal possibility is that in the future we can get married once Finally, tom cruise movies the marriage come to an end. They are tired of Los Angeles, Julie intends to move to New York, and John wanted to go home, if his place, must be returned to London. He felt that the New York "too claustrophobic". "I know it sounds crazy, but I miss such as the evening news, the red bus, rural odor, rock music, game day, and so trivial Jolie moved to New York, and I do not want to go to adapt to a new city, So I came back, move back to London. "At first, the couple to each other often visit each other, but Jolie admits, the greater tom cruise movies the gap caused by the distance between them. She found that all this is not what she wanted. "Although he wanted me to feel at home, but there is not my home I no way he went into the bathroom bath or nude at home walking around." Break up the inevitable results, but after they are always holds a positive attitude. Julie described the marriage as a "good experience, enrich our lives," but "I know it will not last long". She also said that, in addition to the final differences, the relationship did not rupture. "John and I never fight or hurt each other, and I really hope that their own efforts to be a good wife." Although he does not resent his ex-wife (or just not publicly idea), but John is obviously a sad party. After the interview, he said, "I believe that love exists,

just do not know how long it can last, probably rarely never was asked whether he still believe in love at first sight, he replied," It should be said, ... I believe first glance attraction, but love based on trust, which can not be seen from the outside. "he did not want to use their own feelings to attract attention, when asked whether he had been so broke his heart, he admitted" Yeah, But I can not tell you, because you know who. "He also said," He will not again rush to decide marriage. In addition to unsuitable married life, they still love each other. Despite the hurt, John never think that the marriage was a mistake. "I do not regret it. Marital problems, sooner or later I have to decide, but sooner or later, just our relationship is still very good, in fact, this relationship may be more suitable for us ... the main reason for breaking up I've had enough tom cruise movies of Hollywood I love that place, but then realized that the United Kingdom is more suitable tom cruise movies for work and personal development, we are very good friends, and often confide without tom cruise movies program called the 'boundaries'. "not optimistic about those who start critics, John said, "People think we are together, bizarre,

unusual, because Julie is a wild and crazy femme fatale. fact, for me, she is a very kind and generous person, a big-hearted girl. she just talk about their feelings, and she was better than anyone else weird ... Well, maybe a little. "Therefore, the formal end of the marriage in New York, Julie and John in London. Julie was very sorry, years later, she said, "divorce and John might be the most stupid thing I've done, but I do not immerse yourself tom cruise movies in the past. Encountered such a good person, and I've been very lucky. Simply tom cruise movies the wrong time. He is the best husband girl in mind, I will always love him, we're just too young. "
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