Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Starchaser innocent gossip rational, inquisitive and we welcome! [Movie Network star channels Recruitment edit! [Work unit] movie channels official website: M1905 Film [work content] 1. Entertainment event star news release. channel

section updated daily emergencies timely integration of production the related planning inventory thematic cooperation with the product design side struggle side, to create more brand content. participate in the film festival live red carpet star a do not miss 5 star an exclusive interview with the text about the star of your eyes [specific requirements] Bachelor degree or above, will foreign tycoon games language better, love Starchaser best to be able to very familiar better skilled editing software applications (such as PS, DW, FW, etc., etc. etc.) to understand the movie (watch tycoon games too), and related network editing experience, tycoon games will repair Figure simple design tycoon games plus Oh! Fear of death house, afraid tycoon games not suited to network a new era! [Gossip small test] weddings tycoon games and funerals the star channels first heavy head, we do not need you to know how much star privacy, tycoon games but most you need to have a heart of gossip and explore dynamic star strong sensitivity, concern micro-Pok Oi Internet, if necessary, will human flesh search ...... mentioned tycoon games Zhu leather ", you should know that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, should know that" Mr. & Mrs. Smith "so that they become attached, should also be know that the two ex-husband's ex-wife is the sort of person ...... mentioned domestic star couple files, you should be able to tell Yang Mi and Hawick; Kitty Zhang, Wang Chuan; Feng Shaofeng, Ni Ni ... know Yao Chen and former husband Xiao Su respective plum opened tycoon games two degrees, there is not promising Li Chen, Zhang Xin, when needed, can be dug out of them over the years, the feelings of the history of ... someone fights noisy stop, someone fell out divorce, someone tycoon games ambiguous octopus, you best gossip-loving people tycoon games to listen to the curious, to tell the story of the star who more gossip ... Note! You can have their own preferences Starchaser but never have sharply divided disgust ... domestic Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States star, fans can turnip cabbage all have love, but we do must edit! Bo! Love! ! ! [We will] 1 a competitive salary with a decent work units, public transport, the city center, the company downstairs Free Parking 3 Stars Interview opportunities close contact tycoon games 4.N multi Nice colleagues daily lunch with Nortel hotties [letter in request] Interested parties please send your resume to in the message header must specify: star the Channel Edit candidates biographical notes affixed in the message body, photo works (manuscripts, such as planning, resume, if any, can send attachments) must be more prominent on the entertainment stars familiarity and understanding of the web series and love to respond to delete
2012-09-29 21:54:06 fly sickle ( ω )

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2012-10-07 12:04:52 Lin small Yang (embrace)
Team the> back Botong recruitment (insiders recruitment) [subject] TIM Pluto Capricorn 17 each constellation ... 126 responded
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