Monday, October 8, 2012

MURAT: (turns eva carneiro the audience.) Brother said pipe dream for both of us asked, what we wan

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(Living room part of the house and children's room organized. Household is the home of the family of an ordinary worker. Ahmed looks at the computer. Murat nails, Having eva carneiro moving eva carneiro the seat sits on her knees with excitement. eva carneiro Pops and Mom the other seat, children eagerly wait for the exam results.)
MOTHER: inşşşalllahhh will be a big man! One doctor, one of the lawyers. Sokturmazlar my hands in cold water and hot water. Thank casual reading of my sons now. Fathers and mothers a beautiful look. My lions.
MOTHER: Daughter became a lawyer, financial consultant

married, they took home to a protected site, an air of the air is getting. No, sir, her daughter's husband ayrıymış separate car, his only grandson looking at women coming home every day to clean.
MOTHER: A lot of children entering tested. Bey so many kids, doctors, lawyers, engineers could it? State so children could work? The wealthy have the opportunity, keeping s private teacher. We thank how to deal with them?
FATHER: My wife just what dreams are formed, at least not fulfill these dreams I gerçekleştirse children. Come on, I passed him. No money is shed incalculable eva carneiro courses is two years. Schools in a separate expense, is not a value to us of our labor. (Freezes mother alive again)
FATHER: I know, I would be an artist put it on his head, he won. A little lady of my sight; angry, I do not want my hand in an accident, do not see passes quickly. Let course work. This year, I can not send private eva carneiro courses. Last chance. If you do not get an apprentice to me.
(Murat goes into the room, and the birds of the hands is a picture paper draws karakalemiyle. Family in living room sitting for dinner. They finish eating a picture of Murat. Stage one speaks Murat freezes. Keeps the audience in his hand picture.)
MURAT: doctor, lawyer, engineer ... asked to get a respectable profession, but do not even have a say in this! What I want when there is no difference how a doctor, a lawyer can be. How I can make my job? What I katabilirim without adding people? I want to be a painter! I want to draw the sky! Birds are flying. How they became. How much freer ... not wanted to be anything else from them. Asked me, my opinion does not matter. But it does not go on for so long. (Scene alive Murat stormed into the hall.)
FATHER: Is it because I am pouring so much money do you picture that? I'm pouring Get the term for it? What do you see in front of you? A currency's father? Tell me, then I tell him what the factory owner ha workshop which penetrates into the billions per month in this house?
MOTHER: Children grow, grow up in troubles. I feel sorry for someone from sevinsem. (Exits eva carneiro the stage. Claus is alive.)
MURAT: I wanted to test win. But it did not. I did not want. Te m act, act te m, is dim at me. (It repeats several times. Ahmet wanted

to intervene and tries to calm him down.)
MURAT: What happened to you to win! Oleyyy you win! Oleyy Futbolculuk doctoral dreams! The remaining patients in the hospital eva carneiro corridors eva carneiro of their time to match the reserve of E, perhaps, not only in your dreams!
AHMED: You really deserved that slap, okay? Can not afford to be a painter, you know? What if I think of my mother, my father, even if just a little. There are certain professions to earn money without them can not be a good thing going. Look how my parents eva carneiro crawl. What troubles live. Perhaps you will not find even in the exhibition is a painter of pictures. Will not even have money to buy materials, like now ... Empty dreams my father did not say you did. Yes, I think so empty dreams. Empty dreams

eva carneiro abdominal feed the brother ...
MURAT: (turns eva carneiro the audience.) Brother said pipe dream for both of us asked, what we want. Let me introduce my brother, the future doctoral candidate. (Brother returned.) And you dream of becoming a football player by which you ettirildin eva carneiro regretful. It can just regret regret that they are sick, but also patients.
FATHER: Female doctor exam since you lost our son did not have the peace of mind. He was a states. Constantly talking eva carneiro to himself. Thanks to my neighbor offered you, we just got here. We did not know what to do. We want to help you. Save us out of this trouble. Very worried.
Pedagogue: I understand. Have taken a step towards listening to your neighbor. After that will come along Do not worry about what we can to resolve the issue. Now leave us alone with Murat. Let's talk a little bit. Then you make a call. (Mother, Father, will stage their homes go through the other corner. Claus sits on the sofa. Mama tele-

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