Tuesday, October 2, 2012

www.orkut.com.br traduceri www.malhacao-br.blogspot.com www.twitter.com / malhacao_br Cristiana zne

Malhação ID - 24/02/10 - 1/3 Youtube music videos
www.orkut.com.br traduceri www.malhacao-br.blogspot.com www.twitter.com / malhacao_br Cristiana zneviryayetsya to see Nanda unconscious and Bernardo supports it. Zuleide surprising picture traduceri of the class did the Himalayan walls. Cristiana wai with Nanda in ambulance and goes with the car Victor Bernardo. Marie-Claude and Ale O plan the next meeting with them. Cristiana nervous, traduceri because he can not keep up with doctors Nanda. Reco and Emilio and I think funny words that make people laugh, so that young people want to know more about humor. Cristiana feels guilt for the accident Nanda and it says Anthony. Reco recognized not like her nose and tells Emilio that he can use his career in comedy discomfort. Cristiana glad to know that the fine Nanda. Victor Bernardo visit Christian and jealous. Lucca will talk with Valentina and irritated when she reafrma, that their relationship is finished. Cristiana is excited with Bernardo feel guilty in the accident Nanda. Bruno comes to school dressed in Muslim and will talk with Samir. Beto jokes Reco nose, and he is angry. Bruno says that Samira went to Iran and liked to know their culture. Cristiana and Bernardo decided to tell the class about the accident Nanda. Valentine complains sorrow for Victor Lucca. Jotapeg and Rodrigo strange reaction Lucca, trying to see photos of Valentina friend on the phone. Samira says Juju think Bruno is very impulsive and doubters ...
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