Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With desire, I went to the Victoria Falls ... ah ... poneis honey on my lips. I love the photos

You will find, did not get the Internet connection of the whole trip, or at least, if I get it, I will not have enough time, nor is it in the real-time updates.
Finally, I was in Lusaka and my friends, they come to see me when I was in Chile: Sahara, Irene, Anna Teresa. That morning, we left the stronghold of the city, to visit the Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia.
The bus trip took longer than expected, due to various failures along the way, after we have reached the evening Livingston, in our camp, we have a Moss, OA Tunya (the national beer) and go to bed to enjoy the waterfall barbie dress up first next morning.
Dry season, did not fall as much water, but is dispersed into the sky, the sound and the amount of water vapor, which is awesome, I think Mr. Lvingstone the face, and when he got there. When you see the waterfall in the rainy season barbie dress up photos, you can see a big difference.
We stroll catwalk careful baboons thief around, and to frighten local guides barbie dress up with a slingshot. We enjoy the beautiful scenery, and raised a lot of photos, but we made a brief visit did not end, we have not walked so many miles of waterfalls, barbie dress up in a half-hour visit. No, it can not be ...
Then we began to ask: "Devil's Pool" We have already seen the photos, but does not have too many ideas. Original, between barbie dress up the edge of the waterfall, rocks and streams in the dry season, the main access point Falls. First of all, we sat a little bad, I can not access your own, you have to give up an extra $ 30 to go several places, we imagine easily. Payments and led by a boy, we found that, in fact, the road is quite complex, there are elephants in the wild near, so we are very pleased.
There, about an hour away the rock feet clavándonos and cross regional force, we have arrived at a point, you have to leave your stuff separate swimsuit. If you believe, you can give your camera a guy who is there waiting for his treatment so that the photo.
We swim to the edge of the waterfall, we came to the famous "Devil's Pool", a small natural pool of current is quite weak, but if you take a bath the edge of the waterfall. With the shock of adrenaline,
skip, we merge the edge. After a little bit of happiness and dog feces when we left, we've come. This is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. I suggest that you go to the waterfall in the Zambian side, do not miss this opportunity, because it is ........... (or more). These photos speak for themselves!
With desire, I went to the Victoria Falls ... ah ... poneis honey on my lips. I love the photos
and the entire article, really. Greetings TRINI. October 2, 2012 22:48
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