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While Ferragosto, Italy became fitness magazine the Garden of Eden, which is all about fruits and v

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While Italian flavors Il Carnevale, which begins the day after the Feast of St. Agatha on February 4 and ends the day before Ash Wednesday,
adults and children dress up in costumes. Children go from house to house as they do on Halloween here in the States to get candy and throw confetti (and Coriandolo). Adults attending lavish masquerades, festivals or home if money is tight. This tradition, which began during the time of the Middle Ages Masquerade Ball, was later enriched with La Commedia Dell'Arte because of its popularity and comic characters such as Arlecchino, Pantalone, Dottore, captains, and Columbian Mirandolina . The Commedia is free comedy shows in places during the seventeenth century and is still present at festivals. fitness magazine Commedia is often improvised and was the theme as the owner of the house and bother courting the girl.
Venice and Viareggio are known for their incredible celebration of Carnevale and were taken to the street. Strufoli and treated like zeppole (cakes) and Castagné (chestnuts) are enjoyed by all. Humor is a Carnevale
ogni scherzo before (for Carnival every joke is fine). Carnivàle and was the highlight of winter fun in addition to skiing in the mountains and sharp Italian Alps and Apennines. fitness magazine
Spring, summer and autumn in the afternoon home game of capture the terrace under the moon smiling on dance music, snacks and cakes to please the ear and taste. Cakes are traditional cannoli, granita (Italian ice cream) briosche (Italian croissants). Common drinks Campari or Cynara fitness magazine ice. If you want a serious wine, or a Grappa Strega. House party is a great way for students to socialize, make friends and find love.
Ferragosto is holding a month of summer. Italians entire month of August off. People who live in the mountains to go to the beach. Those who live near the beach will be for the country. People from the city, the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and small islands like Capri, Dawn, and the Aeolian Islands. Everyone loves and visits to the major cities of Venice, Milan, Florence, Naples and Rome for its history, art and good food.
While Ferragosto, Italy became fitness magazine the Garden of Eden, which is all about fruits and vegetables: all roads mean and Markets (outdoor market) and watermelons, sweet delicious grapes, apricots, fitness
magazine peaches, plums any type of tomatoes, oranges, tangerines, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, and the pumpkin. Italy is also the land of vineyards and olive pictorial. The Virgin Mary is honored as the feast of the Ascension Ferragosto on August 15. Of course, when it's so hot, Italians like to take a nap in the afternoon.
As the saying goes "When an Italian sun sleeps, sleeps with angels, when the Italian will not sleep alone, angels look the other way."
It was love Italian style! Of course, the only reason Italians can take a nap in the afternoon because they work from 8:00 until noon, go home for four hours to eat and enjoy the romance back to work after 16: 00 to 8:00 pm. The night went to dinner with family and then go and socialize with friends at the bar. A bar in Italy is an ice-cream, fitness magazine coffee and pastries.
The fall is for winemaking. Although the acquired machinery, treading grapes is still underway, at least for entertainment and to keep the tradition. fitness magazine The owner of the vineyard invites family, neighbors and friends for hand-ripe grapes, grape stomping began. The mid-day meal harvest usually consists of spaghetti with marinara sauce, cod Alla Cacciatore, fruit station, the famous Italian cheeses and of course most of the season. A great tradition are invited to toast in verse while enjoying fitness magazine the food. A toast visitors "For winemaking, health and prosperity!" Crossing another table said "Some white wine perfect clarity", and another visitor can continue "food is delicious true loyalty." Jokes and jokes will add to the fun event. Boys have woo girls doing patula

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