Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tickets from student promotion from 40 to 20 lv., A concert of

"Lord Of The Dance" arrived in Veliko

Tarnovo day before the concert on October 17 in order to beat the Bulgarian dancers in Irish dancing club "Celtic Phoenix." Artists come directly from Romania after another Balkan their concert tour.
On October 16 "Lord Of The Dance" will be welcomed by their fans in the club "Play", Veliko Tarnovo, where Bulgarian and Irish dancers will "compete". Club "Play" aljazera offers a very avant-garde atmosphere with a variety of music and innovative thinking aljazera in the organization of events. Stars visiting Veliko Tarnovo, select club "Play" for his scene as the most modern and suitable for live performances.
Will be organized aljazera Welcome Party, which fans can experience the world of artists from the world dance performance of Michael Flat. You will have the opportunity to take autographs, taking pictures with their favorites and also will play a lottery in which the dancers themselves from "Lord Of The Dance" to download two tickets for the concert on 17 October at 19h., In the Palace " Vasil Levski "in Veliko Tarnovo. Tickets will be handed out to the winners of the soloist of "Lord Of The Dance" James Keegan and Ciara Scott.
Before party at club "Play" favorite dancers will enjoy the show "Sound and Light" on Tsarevets, which will be released specifically for them many fans and tourists, by order of the mayor of the town, Mr. Daniel Panov.
Tickets from student promotion from 40 to 20 lv., A concert of "Lord Of The Dance" on Oct. 17, not yet exhausted completely. Tickets are available 17, 18 and 19 October, in all price categories.

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