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The wronged marry after harvest happiness actress (Figure)

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The wronged marry after harvest happiness actress (Figure)
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Hollywood show the world's attention is never a shortage of dazzling stars, if you are proud of the beautiful ge flight simulator or impressive ge flight simulator performing arts skill, plus a little a timely storm with the topic, ge flight simulator it seems interesting is not difficult. Increasingly discerning audience makes the flowers blooming welfare becomes invisible ge flight simulator pressure, ge flight simulator the spring ge flight simulator breeze Taoli sequential ge flight simulator open, waves pushed forward waves, there are people who can not wait the stage came, it was eclipsed got up to leave. Beach truly can sustain one day stand party places, worthy of its superstars ge flight simulator such as rainbow reputation was not like tide backward scattered ground

shells come in handy.
Angelina Jolie - no doubt, is one of the most eye-catching star. Every year, European and American magazines stations enthusiastically vote similar to "the world's one hundred most beautiful people" list, Jolie's name has been on the list for many years, and almost never absent. Such popular enough that her laid how unshakable position in the general audience and the media: "Goddess!" - Dumped ge flight simulator her fans will not hesitate to numerous difficult to go into the kind words condensed into this one full of affectionate endearment. ge flight simulator In her own industry, stopped working hard to finally get loaded with fruits. The hearts of countless people, youth classic swept the world from the "Tomb ge flight simulator Raider" to personally directed ge flight simulator last year full of humane care war drama "Blood and honey", Julie has been almost take over the various

Film Awards nominations of course, the most heavyweight successfully won the Oscar three times to clinch the Golden Globe. ge flight simulator Actress ge flight simulator laurel has literally worn on a variety of feelings in front of the camera to tell the actors head Variety Girl, portrayed on screen. Shiny label people mention Angelina Jolie emerge out unconsciously, ge flight simulator represents the kind of respect, admiration, and should not be overlooked component. But someday you again see the front page of the entertainment news tireless search for a star for each footsteps reporters photographed Julie lives according to time, you will be surprised to see another person: the woman in the movie fighting with people can not Feiyanzoubi the game or unlimited lingering soul-stirring love with the person a dizzying ge flight simulator at the ceremony to go around the United States and the United States, and then - actually calm contented, simple and low-key husband carrying strap shopping, wearing what you would wear monochrome sandals and slippers, almost can not believe this is Julie ordinary look you see on a multi-Jolie movie so wanton chic to her love child with a smile live and other people ge flight simulator in the crowd seemed no different, really belongs to her happy life.
Beautiful, sexy, atmospheric, unique, profound, integrity, truth, wisdom, humility, quiet humor, wild, passionate, brave, strong, love, generous, frank, extreme, kindness, motherhood, talented, broad-minded, yearned for peace ... If her Yancangbuzhu charm has been completely conquered ge flight simulator the hearts of millions of people, then each population Jolie attractive keywords will be colorful and diverse, than a thousand Hamlet afraid not stop there. Obviously, almost all of the genius or superior person ge flight simulator will show the multi-faceted nature of their own characteristics. Broke into her from the beginning when the stage began to emerge, ge flight simulator it seems, is a unique for several years now. She never in order to cater to the public aesthetic himself disguised as a pure and innocent ge flight simulator girl next door, want to demonstrate real - not perfect but fearless. In fact, in order to be able to real self-expression, her art for many years are not signing the brokerage firm, even if the brokerage ge flight simulator firm is financially strong, rich in resources, a network of open wrist amazing, to say this just because I did not want to be the packaging, is about to become obediently " say, wear the clothes of the puppet. " Julie frank once set her on the cusp, she suffered a harsh and even vicious criticism and attack. ge flight simulator Young when their parents divorce Julie extreme loner, like a problem a child in the school a bad reputation, but also experienced long rebellious adolescence, she wore strange, like the dull terrorist elements, raising pet snakes and lizards , fascination with knives, and later developed into the difficult emotional self-control when self-flagellation ... now appears

ge flight simulator to have been reborn Jolie has never shies away from the experience ge flight simulator of the past, she said she wanted to tell people, especially those in the confusion of the girl, no matter ge flight simulator had how hopeless helpless to know what to do, but also believe that all may become better. Look at the front of Jolie, is a perfect interpretation of this sentence.
The rainbow after wind Jolie ever blooming like a sonorous Rose, she not only lit up his beautiful and lovely small family, also fly around the world to sow the seeds of love. Her identity to the United ge flight simulator Nations High UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador orphans, and for a time visits to the five continents of the world more than 20 countries suffering from poverty, hunger, and war-torn, to set up a fund to rescue refugees still on the international community to continue to issue call to the voice of love and peace. Just recently, it has been jointly adopt three foreign orphans and had three biological children, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after years of love life, and finally announced their engagement. This is so accustomed to the cold, claimed in the entertainment people together parting than wind and scattered clouds even easier spectators who could not help but sigh: a Jiaoutiancheng, a couple ge flight simulator of people! After all, no matter how they change troubled world, in the audience, lovers get married

are the most beautiful, but the scenery. It is no exaggeration to say, Angelina ge flight simulator Jolie - the unique charm of the woman, and brought her far more than a landscape? It is a feast, was born at this time, and fortunate enough to enjoy the real audience a blessing.
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