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The Mayor of Forte dei Marmi, Umberto Buratti will help the state-owned dealers fortemarmini to try

The Mayor of Forte dei Marmi, Umberto Buratti will help the state-owned dealers fortemarmini to try to weed out the bureaucracy that they are investing 10 day forecast in these weeks. In fact, there is not only the Bolkestein Directive with the old problem 10 day forecast of renewals of state concessions to preoccupy them. By October 20 the City will have to produce the famous Model D1, a form which basically 10 day forecast describes analytically the granting 10 day forecast thereof, and that the local authority will then forward 10 day forecast the information system of the maritime domain 10 day forecast (SID). "The problem - said the mayor, Umberto Buratti - is that the category will have to produce quickly a similar form with all the required data, not only to the CIS, but also the State Property Agency and also to the regions. Does not seem fair that the category - continues Buratti - to take charge of these gaps in the system that manages the state-owned property without having evidently the latest details. The Model D1, in fact, among other things asking the dealer to autodichiarare also includes geo-referenced

10 day forecast description of the concession, and other data including the one on easy and difficult removal of structures, an issue that in the province of Lucca has created many problems of interpretation. If we add that among other things are at stake penalties for statements ranging from one thousand 10 day forecast to four thousand euro is clear that we can not even afford to make mistakes. And this the hard or easy removability of the structures is one of the key points - more Buratti - and describes the situation suffice to say that many bathrooms that have restored many years ago, are in possession of a certificate of Civil Engineers Maritime Works that recognizes them easy to remove, and then subjected to grant a license, but after so many conflicting interpretations came, finally, even that of the Superior Council of Public Works who believes that there is merit in a legal vacuum that the legislator should fill. In short, the concerns for the renewal of licenses is predisposition, a real forest bureaucratic statements - reaffirms Buratti - and interpretations which I think is unfair to ask the category. 10 day forecast So the question I have already informed the expert Anci tourist municipalities and will put the matter in the next week at the meeting of the National Executive, in order to try to ensure that, at least in terms of bureaucratic simplification, all hope but then the unit will not quite get into reality, you get a result: that the information system of the maritime domain, which later this year will receive from common models drawn - said the mayor - is made then load transfer information to other agencies who need to avoid multiple and repetitive statements in most of their contents. "
"In 10 day forecast particular - said the commissioner staff Alessio Happy - is necessary for the establishment of new organizational positions to compensate for the decision to proceed, 10 day forecast even under the government guidelines, a drastic reduction of management figures of the City, which went from six four " 10 day forecast
The event will involve all areas of gymnastics: GR, GAF, GAM, ACROGYM ACROBATIC AND CHOREOGRAPHY 10 day forecast and is placed in the first edition of the Week Move designed dall'Isca, International Sport and Culture 10 day forecast Association
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Democratic Party: "We would like to know what measures it intends to take urgent Minister asked to be made clear on the events which took place and which intends to prepare emergency 10 day forecast measures to restore the ISI took Michelangelo a calm, act to reassure the staff, parents and ...
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