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For sub-Supremacy ": the truth is only one - every day critics like" for sub-Supremacy "movie of the reason is very simple, because it is true. See all the similar situation, such a build up to the interpretation of the movie in the basis of real events, and want to achieve a strong dramatic tension is more difficult. When we Paodingjieniu like this story cutting open and found that it can actually be divided into three parts for the performance of the unyielding motherly love, not as law enforcement agencies, as well as the serial killer story. You are saying that Clint Eastwood, the old rivers and lakes is simply too great. No exaggeration to say, Angelina Jolie the motherly fragment wonderful performance in the film, almost equal to the Harry Berry starred in "Monster's Ball". The story of a serial killer, although only interspersed among them, but also much better than David Finch "Zodiac" is slightly a bit long-winded. Finally, that conflict most intense LAPD as fragments, although not at great length depiction, but compared to "LA Confidential" multi-angle conflict is not too favorably real and powerful. In the opening 20 minutes, all filled with warm happiness of mother and son. All knowing Unfortunately people by surprise. Makes the unfortunate arrival, the share from the dirty lie naked unavoidable.
The Loading ... train station, a strange boy, and instantly became a single mother Christine son. Reporters in the not distant fifty shades of grey gaze, restless crowd provocative. fifty shades of grey Jones emphatic police officer standing in front of him, the music even more sorrowful woman no method. Spotlight every flashing like a hammer to hit the heart. Slam sound dodge. He is not her son. That is false, there is only one truth. From now on, you want only based on the disappearance of a boy Walter went throws up many clues lead to subsequent contradiction, that is, the film is difficult to grasp a science. In other words: "change"! Want to show is not just for the identity of a boy so simple, this replacement chain reaction is the most terrible. Mother, Kristin need for a way to try to accept this child (Of course, such an attempt is futile). We need to see a story of a different mentality (thought just motherly love movies, but in reality is not the case). The movie itself, but also need a different angle and tell the next all. The search for the truth instead of motherly interpretation, became the theme of the second half. Fortunately, the offensive rhythm of the story, a bit thin spread the taste for browsing. Piano soundtrack always "outdated" sounded all conflict carefully hidden emotional involve live forbear hair like the emotions of the viewer. In the first half of the movie, Kristen efforts mixed with a little guy should be restless and stubborn. Dialogue with Jones, when the talk of the same doctor. This woman carefully maintains the conversation environment should be the bottom fifty shades of grey line. Great, the villain always fifty shades of grey be "acting crash course" as a shortcut. Otherwise innocuous lines, a sentence True Lies plays police officer Jeffrey Donovan Jones look cheap relative to say it, seem detestable extremely people

suck down air-conditioning. The trick scene good drama is misplaced. Dislocation performance mode of the first kind, is to let a figure to say do not meet their identity, the logic is unobstructed words. This method show a small supporting role in a discourse inadvertently woke dramatis personae. But compared to the common dislocation, for sub-Supremacy "dislocation is clearly higher than a chip, that is, after all conversation, the so-called" villain "characters are used does not comply with the logic of their identity, come up with can not be We recognize that the discourse. In the film, the police officer Jones talked about the mother's responsibility is. Stressing each syllable to pursue the truth, to retrieve his son's mother, Kristin, brought more than just ridiculous so simple. More feeling, is derived from the word "real" terrible. The realism of the story is the greatest asset for sub-Supremacy ". Do you want to see a story set foot on the road actress Angelina Jolie? Still want to see a child regained after? In fact, not entirely. Directed by Eastwood just want to strive for realism. The realism in the film is not just technically. Real, not just those leisurely through the city's old-fashioned streetcars. True, not only the opening turned color like black-and-white fifty shades of grey instant picture effect (do not forget the end of the crossroads length mirror and return to the black and white, desire history is dusty again). Real, more not just characters throughout forthrightly quarrel. This is true from the reality. Confused fantasize, black and white, non-reversed phenomena. 20 years of the last century not only exist in the film. People like to feel shock and because the film, largely because the film reproduces the injustice they experienced, nothing more. Adaptation of the movie based on real events in the past, however, If you simply try to be factual, dramatic tension tend to lose a bit long-winded lengthy. "Zodiac" there is a case in point, the film in order to show the life of serial killer torture generation, so sleepy and almost

unavoidably plot firmly companions. So, for sub-Supremacy movie smooth and climax after another. It can be said the Stella Sienski script they contributed. Come up with the idea from the numerous case files, analytic and then they give the proper rhythm of the film, it is too difficult a difficult thing. Thus, only in a special fifty shades of grey way about, to be able to this film becomes fascinating. The film uses a narrative style resembling old-fashioned movie. fifty shades of grey His right, the conflict in which all bear with. In other words, the film is not "Zodiac" that "do the old way. But really old. It can be said, old-fashioned movie, one of its functions is flowing narrative. In order to ensure this, the audience fifty shades of grey is not out of the viewing fifty shades of grey process. Technically show off is almost non-existent in this movie. The film's technical assistance is only a few scenes: opening the railway station for some, rotating the lens between the reporter and the parties roundabout. False "Walter" lying in the room, Kristen unilateral dialogue with darkroom effect. There is the killer brother that little fifty shades of grey boy in Canada see constantly percussion ruler, switch on the sound of the killing fifty shades of grey scene enlarge screen. These passages are only a few technical aids narrative scenes. The whole movie camera fifty shades of grey is simply obedient little prying feeling. It quietly there pretty down to earth to tell a story. No over-the-bit

technology, unlike fifty shades of grey the movie, the story to be able to more fluid. This is the difference between the real old, and do the old ". Finally, take a look at the play mother Angelina Jolie. Like this story of her performance, rather like the Christian character. She said "I hope, is the character who is the most distinctive symbols. The story itself is very dark. But her tireless efforts has become the only remaining bright. As a mother, her interpretation of the character heart indomitable and courageous, tough and touching. That face murder Northcote that sentence, "I want you to go to hell," Shout! Memorable. She's changed, not just the appearance of colorful cosmetics and angular. Moreover, unlike most of its interpretation of the Pathetique performance deliberately motherly love movies. This mother wanted to cry when you think the logical infection. All this is so over the past year, Angelina Jolie received quite good. Her in 2008, apparently not just hundreds of times before holding fifty shades of grey two guns in the "wanted" to kill chase. When a star presents a multi-faceted and there is no sense of the familiar, the name of the actor and the brilliance of the Oscars, it was in getting fifty shades of grey closer. However, even if the movie left hope, but it was cold and abnormal. We do not want to face is that Walter already dead, while the mother is also missing off screen real ending. The result is always paying fifty shades of grey the price to find out the truth. No matter what the age. Whether it is a reality, or a movie. Bring the old cowboy did not expect such a dark story, from beginning to end repression was breathless. The search for the truth of the story is the most exhausting, most like. Even if this is the search for the truth, only a slightly a little brighter ending. And whenever fifty shades of grey you want to pursue, no one afraid of this truth scarred, blood everywhere.
Seem to hear this song ~ ~ found feeling ... 2012-10-09 12:15:21 Night maple memory stack to pay tribute, do not listen to his songs very much ... 2012-10-08 15:28 : 03 Kakashi: idea: Kubrick electrical bloggers ... 2012-09-30 14:26:59 minor yet released movie and would like to go to the cinema to see to ... 2012-09 - Feng memory stack 27 15:06:40 Night time change under the Friends of chain chanting, change the domain name sky ... 2012-09-26 22:00:27 skylong in this movie lasted nine years before release, the process is quite .. flower website has added new features. 2012-09-20 12:18:18 midnight Kazakhstan. fifty shades of grey This movie ... 2012-09-20 12:16:03 midnight flower: kbz: speak very good then ... the 2012-09-07 15:11:36 Xiaotan (song a day): eek : This theme is too much to force. ... 2012-09-03 00:34:09 pancake fruit immediately go download look at : lol: ... 2012-08-26 21:49:33 PS brush family humanized the story inspirational Taiwan Taiwan film comedy family fifty shades of grey the suspense thriller growth war stories literary Japan movie the warm love sci-fi classic American film youth 3D "Made in Hong Kong": died in immortal youth "for sub-Supremacy": the truth is only an "anti-Christ": Satan is a woman. " secondary exposure ": the commercial appearance literary heart" This Is It ": he is so shining The Sound of Silence - movie" The Graduate "theme song" speed and the Furious 5 ": Grand Theft Auto gingerly shadow Herd" White Deer " : literary fifty shades of grey brain complement Jiapin Most Viewed Popular posts of this month "rolling it! A letter "- fifty shades of grey absurd years backflip" In those years, we were chasing the girls ": youth finish" Dragon Flying A ": the same strength of character and loss of style" Banquet legend "a chess game, perhaps Liangbai all - can not let my empathy Nanjing story "One Day, One Day: corner after fasten story locks" 3 Idiots / silly row Bollywood "lose" Jinling 13 hairpin ": that the debate fifty shades of grey about the ideal dream "Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011: rare the subversion, mostly epilepsy Active Friends Most active friends of this month midnight flower last comment 2012-09-20 12:16:03 2 Night maple memory stack final comments on 2012-09-27 15:06:40 Recently of 2 skylong last comment 2012-09-30 14:26:59 Recent comments fifty shades of grey 2012-09-26 22:00:27 Recent comments once minor final comments Kakashi final comments on 2012-10-08 15:28:03 Recent comments 1 Links s Some sponsors To of my site

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