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Partial monetization of online games and Subscription polisse Kay on the rails
Monetize the future part of the game 'monetize online games part is the inevitable' claims that, according to the word of the Nairrti by major revenue (model) will be. How gaming revenue. Subscription plans (usually the case of monthly subscription) polisse and 2. Pay users to utilize the game (service) when divided by a partial polisse pay, that is, from the perspective of contemporary change in the customer's low partial pay (easy) entry and distinct forms of payment culminated
Is one of the advantages of partial pay billing distinct strength is hard to pay a monthly subscription

to take. Subscription Unlike what feels somehow seems unfair to damage and creating clever spend the money, I would enjoy the right to pay only partial pay to their customers because the victims feel you will not fall billing. Tech to eat all kinds of ways, leaving a profit Mart's mobile phone dealers (aka Tefal) or Yongsan sellers (aka yongpalyi) losing competitiveness compared to a few years ago, consumers have their dealer side of tears for anything subtract eat cheaper bought to make you feel, but bought the cheaper dealer, polisse according to victims' Looks strangely like jjipjjil faith, ie, did not.
Another advantage is the low entry. Online game revenue and product package (Package Game) different polisse ways. Service (Service) revenue polisse of online games rather than the product itself is based. Service in order to make money. Ceaseless 2, with the settlement of the existing users. New users a prerequisite. What does the game no matter what the purpose to promote the cultural life (?), And even, anyway is not an essential element of life. The likelihood that users fully settled because no existing users can only reduce the degree of participation itself to be reduced or not. This has been reduced to mitigate polisse or phenomenon that supplemental polisse new users who choose to participate in the game. In particular, polisse pay-as-you-go, which accounts for most of the Online Services Subscription Subscription Subscription Services, increase the barriers to entry of new users is a factor. In a nutshell, sure the game is fun fun not convinced money from 2 to 30,000 won to a very difficult situation. Partial pay from that perspective, the service itself does not sell, and sell some of the services, the barriers to entry of new users is lower than in the Subscription. , Which is one of the longevity of the service conditions, which increases the incidence of new users.
Nonetheless still insist that heavy monthly subscription games (Hardcore) continue to appear. Partial pay most of the monthly subscription rate of return for existing successful games monthly zero regrets because absurd, but if overwhelmed because Partial pay monthly polisse subscription polisse revenue, polisse 30 percent of revenues to achieve even when the same number of paid users comparison, is tight. Mo MMORPG is regarded as successful Note 1) partial pay, partial pay - MMORPG among high yield surprising in the market is evaluated. This game is currently (June 2005) Simultaneous visitor number 5 to 7 manmyeong, partial pay 4-600000000 won per month sales are happening. You were 02, 10,000 won Subscription revenue could happen 10-1400000000 won. Most of the game, however, seems to yield than did
Of course, the number of concurrent users to compare the rate of return itself is silly comparisons. Partial pay low yields, instead of the number of concurrent users, so Monetization who earlier in the game to settle with the entry of new users and users, instead of monthly subscription high yield departure monetize that occurs after large-scale users and new users low This is because the phenomena. Nevertheless, a simple numerical polisse calculation and the expected return on the monthly subscription of the powerful are still many online games run towards the monthly subscription is going. (So 'foolish'.)
The market is changing rapidly. Partial pay income markets in the rapidly growing business-to-user relationships, and business-to-business (Subscription speaking, publishers and PC room) from authentic relationships could gradually shaken easily. CCR is the first batter, the next batter, water brush these days Nexon. These drastic changes and take the form of partial pay, future Monetization revenues more mature and developed than it is now part of how the mainstream will be. Discard tough foolish, of course, game companies struggling to properly raise the profitability

of partial pay a lot of revenue

method of partial polisse pay, the more maturity and completeness will increase quickly.
21:00 by Does not sound like / the same company ^ ^; mmorpg game? Mmorpg for and monetize your mind, rather than making one monthly

subscription is not the spirit in mind and try and atmosphere if you want to Post gangnim / originally part they feel lifelong Then feel free to do a partial pay shouting, Jane I, if there seems to be a lot. Game to match partial pay and the monthly subscription to the form of a matching game which. Anyway, If you do not know the difference between thought and taste (?) Matter much except for young ... haha ~
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