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One of neįdomiausių can, but most the Bermuda Mystery explanation is simple

The most interesting secrets of the Bermuda Triangle | UFO project -
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Bermuda Triangle area, for unknown monster high dress up games reasons, disappeared or were destroyed over a hundred ships and planes, and died a little monster high dress up games more than a thousand people pour from Bermuda to Miami (USA), from Miami to San Juan (Puerto Rico) and from San Juan to Bermuda Islands. Following the ten possible explanations Bermuda Triangle.
One of neįdomiausių can, but most the Bermuda Mystery explanation is simple
human error triangle. monster high dress up games Sure, people make a lot of mistakes and many slightest things become real tragedy. The most famous Bermuda Triangle
crash occurred in 1945, when a highly experienced Lieutenant Charles Taylor, disoriented, and exercise have failed to reach the open ocean off the coast of Florida. However, the interesting fact is that radio broadcasts during Taylor announced that due to unknown reasons crashed aircraft compass. For its part, the military says confusion Lieutenant Taylor just Florida coastal shores monster high dress up games of the Bahamas.
Another possible explanation of the Bermuda monster high dress up games Triangle Gulf Stream - salt and hot water "river" flowing on the surface of the sea to the north near the U.S. east coast. Gulf Stream is the strongest and most likely the Bermuda Triangle, monster high dress up games and so most scientists love to blame it on the ground that any aircraft caught mysteriously monster high dress up games missing or ship wrecks. However, this does not explain why the Bermuda Triangle disappear planes and boats - Gulf Stream can be blamed entirely the rescue expeditions fertility.
Likewise, many speculated that the Bermuda Triangle, the most accidents occur because monster high dress up games of huge waves. The prediction was confirmed in part in 1995 on January 1, when the Norwegian offshore oil drilling tower was 25 meters high tide - and it is not the biggest wave ever - the shores of Ireland,
before scientists wave twice the. Although such forward
waves only once in 200,000 wave, due to frequent hurricanes and the Gulf Stream, it is likely that the Bermuda Triangle, many accidents because it is a huge wave.
Another possible explanation
for the Bermuda Triangle Mystery methane hydrates - crystal structure of methane gas, like the ice. Methane hydrates deposits may occur in deep water or very close to the surface. Methane hydrates in 2010 was caused by the Deepwater Horizon monster high dress up games oil drilling disaster Station (USA). The massive eruption of methane gas reservoir to the surface, even at the world's largest tanker went in 10 seconds - there would be no escape. Therefore, the Bermuda Triangle, a few disasters, scientists would like to mention this, although the exact unspecified bodies.
The Bermuda Triangle Invest "Avenue", which is annually recorded in powerful hurricanes. Although modern technology monster high dress up games makes it possible to avoid the approaching storm, but instead of swimming or flight training, however, is very unpredictable and dangerous types of hurricanes - mikroaudros. Such a storm, regardless of the category of the hurricane, monster high dress up games very strong, almost 250 km / h wind blowing down to the surface of the water and can sink or body of the boat. Unexpected wind caught even experienced pilots, it is also extremely dangerous to aircraft.
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the Earth's electromagnetic field of the hole. The holes in the ground where a magnetic compass to show the direction of north, there are a few. Of course, traveling the Earth's surface, the magnetic compass needle monster high dress up games points north, but there is always uncertainty. In addition, the Bermuda Triangle happens, the compass affect disturbance, is very rare. However, the change the electromagnetic disturbance Bermuda Triangle to the mystery. monster
high dress up games
Previously appointed the pulling gravity anomalies can only occur in such a large universe of bodies like the sun. However, it is now known that the positive and negative gravity anomaly happens every celestial body.
The first gravity anomaly astronauts captured back in the 1960s, when artificial satellite, swinging around the moon change repeatedly the orbit. This is due to the different weight monster high dress up games and density of the materials, on the moon. A similar anomaly detection, but less than

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