Sunday, October 7, 2012

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The goal is to win the league, after the trial offer great Cup Italy - Lega Pro against Vigor Lamezia. The times are important in the house of Catanzaro, in view of the difficult journey tomorrow against 'Esperia Viareggio. The Giallorossi coach, said he was confident that the attackers ", soon to be redialed, but it takes more malice in front of goal." After the draw against Andria Bat, the imperative is to win, or at least take home a positive result, because the next opponent will be named Nocerina previous Auteri.
Some training questions for the Giallorossi pro cycling manager 2011 coach, which is the important dropping by Alberto Quadri, out until later this month due to injury remedy Sunday. It is likely to use the first minute of Martin Ulloa, in a midfield that should "see" even Squillace and flowers in the wings, along with Benedetti,
the Argentine partner in the middle.
Moreover, with the door Pisseri are Mariotti, Sirignano and Papasidero to compose the forward defense Carboni and Masini, behind Jordan Fioretti, a bit 'more advanced. This will be a 3-4-2-1, but not exclusive last-minute surprises. The meeting of the Italian Cup, in fact, has given positive signals to Francesco Cozza could also decide to play fewer employees this year.
The match referee will be Mr. Manuel Verdenelli Foligno section, starting at 15. The whistle will be assisted by Umbro Pordenone and Udine Tolfo De Franco. Previous pro cycling manager 2011 to the Calabrian the race director. In 2010/2011, the "Eagles" were defeated 3-1 at Campobasso, in a match valid for the Second Division championship. So was another Catanzaro, societal problems, the results were embarrassing master. Now everything is different, for two years,
at last, things have changed for the better. Finally pro cycling manager 2011 it comes to football, football only ... and nothing pro cycling
manager 2011 else.
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